(PART 705)


No SBT has worked yet.


What do you find faulty with the trajectory depicted in CE903?


Oh Lord, David! Don't get Tony Marsh started on CE903 again! It's a downright howl when he starts in on that.

Tony evidently thinks that Arlen Specter should have impaled the JFK stand-in with the metal rod that is seen in CE903, so that the rod could then have been placed THROUGH the MIDDLE part of the stand-in's back. This, of course, WOULD have been the ideal thing to do for Mr. Specter and the Warren Commission in CE903.

But, since Specter didn't feel like murdering a human being by driving a metal rod through his body, then Specter had to settle for the next best thing, which is just what we find in CE903, which is a WC exhibit that provides excellent support (of a demonstrative and photographic nature) that the Single-Bullet Theory WORKS.

If Specter's rod were to be moved a little to the LEFT of where we see it in CE903 (to the "left", that is, from Specter's POV), it would place the bullet entry wound in the middle portion of the UPPER BACK of the JFK stand-in (not the "neck" of the stand-in), proving that the WC did not require the entry wound in Kennedy's upper back to be "moved" up into the "neck" in order for the SBT to work.

Many/most conspiracy theorists do think, however, that the Warren Commission HAD to have the wound located in the "NECK" of President Kennedy in order for the SBT angles to work out properly. But, as we can easily see via CE903, that's simply not the case at all.

No "IN THE NECK" entry wound is needed at all. In fact, if the entry wound had been as high as the "neck" of JFK, the SBT angle would be destroyed. Anti-SBT conspiracy kooks, though, never seem to realize this fact, even after gazing upon the excellent Warren Commission exhibit known as CE903.

David Von Pein
September 15, 2009