(PART 702)


If it [Buell Wesley Frazier charging his battery after arriving at work] was legitimate on 11/22/63, it would have been legitimate on all other occasions Frazier gave Oswald a ride to work. NO evidence suggests that. He testified that they always walked together previously.


Why couldn't Oswald (on previous occasions) have simply waited for Wesley until after Wesley had charged his battery in the parking lot--and then they walked to work together? Is that an impossible solution?


These people (including the brother-in-law) where under suspicion - and on face value at least - some of their actions *were* suspicious and warranted investigating into possible links to a conspiracy.


Of course Buell was under some degree of "suspicion" at first. I'd have looked into his actions too (if I'd been a DPD member that weekend). After all, it was Wesley who drove the accused assassin to work on the day the President was killed. And Wesley drove Oswald to Irving the previous night. They were together in the car twice on Nov. 21-22. This cannot be said about Oswald and any OTHER human being on those 2 days. (Unless you want to count cab driver Whaley and bus driver McWatters.)

And the police DID investigate a possible "conspiracy link" between Oswald and Frazier -- just as they should have, given the circumstances that had the two of them riding to work in the same car.

For all the cops knew at that early stage, perhaps Oswald and Wesley were very good friends and associates. They couldn't know they weren't until they checked out both Oz and Wesley, which they did.

And what was found that would lead to a Frazier/Oswald "conspiracy plot"? -- Answer: Not a darn thing.

It's kind of funny -- CTers gripe about the Warren Commission and the Dallas Police Department (et al) not looking deep enough for a "plot" of some kind....but when the cops DO investigate a person (Frazier) for a possible connection to the crime (and find nothing), it seems that CTers still gripe....because they found NOTHING they could hang on Mr. Buell Frazier.


David Von Pein
March 10, 2008