(PART 695)


Let's not [bother looking at the remarks made by 24 earwitnesses who heard 3 shots or fewer], as this is WC testimony and not worth the space it takes.


You'd better read some of my 24 examples more carefully then, because 15 of the 24 examples are not Warren Commission testimony at all....they are mostly from Sheriff's reports filed by the individual witnesses.

Were all of those Sheriff's deputies lying in their reports to Bill Decker?


Why did two bullets from supposedly the same gun act so differently? One causes 7 wounds and comes [out] intact and another one just hits skull bone, brain matter and tissue but totally disengrates [sic] on contact? Why? How can the same ammo act so differently?

Good luck with that one, because there is no explanation. There were different gunmen with different types of guns and ammo, that's why.


Why in heaven's name haven't you LEARNED THE PARTICULARS regarding these issues? Particulars that (without question) favor the likelihood of Oswald's WCC/MC bullets acting just EXACTLY as they did on 11/22/63....i.e.,

CE399 reacting just like it did on November 22nd after being slowed sufficiently by JFK's body before entering Connally....and then slowed a whole lot more when it did what it did inside Governor Connally's thorax/chest.

The bullet pictured below is EXACTLY like CE399 (it's a WCC/MC/6.5mm/FMJ missile from one of the exact same four lots of bullets that Oswald's CE399 came from)....and this bullet has just gone through many layers of simulated human flesh and body tissue, and has just broken two ribs in a (mock) Connally torso, and has just fractured a simulated wrist bone too.

And Voila! It emerges completely intact! Doesn't this impress ANY
anti-SBT conspiracy lovers? If not...why the hell not?.....

As for the head-shot bullet from Oswald's gun, that too is a bullet which reacted just exactly like several test bullets reacted after hitting human skulls at full speed (about 2,100fps).

Dr. Alfred Olivier did tests to confirm this fact for the Warren Commission in 1964; and then Dr. John Lattimer did the same type of tests in the 1970s.

And just take a look at the results (the top photos in this chart pictured below are the two front-seat bullet fragments from Oswald's gun, which are fragments that almost certainly are from the bullet that struck JFK in the head; and those limo fragments look very, very similar to the fragments from the two test bullets that were fired through human skulls).....

Dr. Lattimer offered up these observations following his skull tests.....

"This bullet [a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano missile like CE399] can penetrate four feet of solid wood or three pine telephone poles side by side and come out looking completely undeformed. On the other hand, if it is fired into the thick bone of the back of a human skull, the jacket and core of the bullet will separate, releasing a myriad of additional fragments of many different sizes." -- Dr. John K. Lattimer; Page 277 of "Kennedy And Lincoln: Medical And Ballistic Comparisons Of Their Assassinations" (c.1980)


Therefore, as can be seen, the very same type of Mannlicher-Carcano bullet CAN, and does, accommodate BOTH the SBT/CE399 and the fragmented bullet that hit JFK in the head at full velocity.

David Von Pein
October 23, 2007