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RE: The "curtain rods" issue.....

Why would Lee Oswald have had any desire at all to put up some curtain rods in his shoebox-sized room on Beckley Avenue in Oak Cliff in late November of 1963?

The reason I ask the above question is because it's quite clear from the testimony of Marina Oswald that LHO had every reason to think that he might very well be moving out of his Beckley room very soon, possibly as soon as November 22nd, per Marina's Warren Commission testimony, with Marina telling the Commission that Lee said to her on the night of 11/21/63 that he would "rent an apartment in Dallas tomorrow" if only Marina would agree to come back to Dallas and live with him again.

So, via such a scenario, why would Lee Oswald be wanting to put up curtains and/or curtain rods in his tiny Beckley Avenue room (which was obviously a room that was way too small to accommodate FOUR people -- Lee, Marina, Rachel, and Junie)?

Oswald's "curtain rods" story was obviously a big fat lie -- and a two-pronged lie that would provide Lee with a good excuse for going to Irving on a Thursday night with Buell Wesley Frazier....and an excuse for the contents of the large paper bag LHO carried with him to work on Friday morning, November 22nd.

And unless some conspiracy theorists want to pretend that Marina Oswald was an evil liar too (as some CTers do probably believe, sans any proof of such a charge), the following 1964 quote from her lips, in my opinion, drives an additional nail into Lee Harvey Oswald's "curtain rods" coffin, because of these words -- "If I want to he would rent an apartment in Dallas tomorrow":

MARINA OSWALD -- "On that day [11/21/63], he [LHO] suggested that we rent an apartment in Dallas. He said that he was tired of living alone and perhaps the reason for my being so angry was the fact that we were not living together. That if I want to he would rent an apartment in Dallas tomorrow, that he didn't want me to remain with Ruth any longer, but wanted me to live with him in Dallas."

David Von Pein
September 14, 2009