(PART 697)


If the FBI did what I think they did, then there would have to have been damage control, eliminating any record of the bullet (or fragment if it was large) that actually did fall from Connally's thigh.

And I know that all of this evidence was in their possession, and that it is quite easy to duplicate three capital letters.


Just when we thought Bob Harris was making a little bit of sense and progress (when Bob said this less than 24 hours ago)...

"Thanks to the sharp eye of Shutterbun, who corrected my error, I now realize that the envelope Bobby M. Nolan apparently received at Parkland hospital and initialed was labelled as containing fragments from Connally's "right arm" rather than his leg.

I am still bothered that this contradicts the statements of both the nurse, Audrey Bell, and Nolan, and I am going to mail a copy of the envelope to Nolan, to verify his signature, but evidence is evidence and barring any new information, it must take precedence.

I will immediately remove all related videos from Youtube and my website and I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Shutterbun and apologies to anyone who was misinformed by my previous postings."
-- Robert Harris; 9/10/2009

...Robert now decides it's a good idea to hint that Bobby Nolan's initials on CE842 were planted there by evil plotters.

I should have figured that Bob would pull this trick after thinking about all the "possibilities" for half-a-day or so.


What I don't know is whether I can ever prove it.


Of course you can never prove it. Just like with every JFK conspiracy theory that has ever been placed on the table to date....it cannot be proven.

But that never stops a good conspiracy theorist from suggesting the most outrageous things (like the FBI forging Nolan's initials on CE842), does it Bob?

Of course, the main reason that nobody can prove that a grandiose Governmental conspiracy and cover-up took place in the JFK case is because no such grandiose Governmental conspiracy and/or cover-up existed in the first place. All of that type of nonsense resides merely in the imaginations of conspiracists who desperately WANT a conspiracy to exist in the JFK murder case.

David Von Pein
September 10, 2009