(PART 55)


>>> "Good riddance!" [Referring to David Belin's sudden and accidental death in January 1999.] <<<


How sweet of you.

Do you like to visit local hospitals in order to wax the steps and to
take all the bolts off the wheelchairs too?

>>> "I know he [Belin] is dead, you are the one who brought him and his lame book up, the party scene would have been in 1973/74 after the lame book was released." <<<

Oh, I see. That must be why you used the "present tense" instead of
the "past tense" in your wholly unfunny anecdote involving Mr. Belin.

>>> "Dave, you are dissappointing me." <<<

I'm crushed. Truly.

~~hari-kari commencing~~

I was hoping to never disappoint a CT-Kook. (Imagine THAT ever
occurring. What are the odds?!) ;)

>>> "Their [the Warren Commission's] track record is in the long-winded 26 volumes they left us. Since I know I wasn't reading the report when it came out, it is a track record now and has been for 44 years." <<<

As if Rob's not reading the Warren Report "when it came out" has
anything to do with the price of Carcano bullets in Texas.

I see Rob needs to look up the term "Track Record". .....

"TRACK RECORD" --- "A record of past performance often taken
as an indicator of likely future performance."

I wonder what "past performances" the Warren Commission contributed
to the world that would make anyone want to compose the following

"Anyone with a trace of common sense wouldn't believe a word the
WCR said due to their track record."
-- Rob C.


Just semantics, you say?

Well, maybe. But it appears to be just one more time when Robkook has
skewed something.

>>> "I like zanies better." <<<

"Kook", though, is much better, and more audibly pleasing. ;)

>>> "I prefer Official Theory Buffs for you guys [i.e., people who have some semblance of common sense and who can properly evaluate evidence and testimony]. Playing lawyer with your set of inaccurate data, left by a bunch of old geezers who didn't give a crap about a dead president." <<<

And that extends to the many, many DIFFERENT "old geezers" who
comprised the HSCA too. Right, kook? And the several more "geezers"
who made up the Rockefeller Commission. Right, K-man? And the
four additional (and non-Govt.) Clark Panel "geezers", too. Right?
That's a lot of people "WHO DIDN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT A DEAD
PRESIDENT", don't ya think?

>>> "You should keep your wacky thoughts to yourself. Remember, there could be kids reading this stuff." <<<

Oh, yes....those imaginary "lurkers" in three-cornered pants again, eh?

Sorry for speaking the truth, kids. How silly of me.

But, of course, when a conspiracy-happy kook says something like
"Good riddance" when responding to a post informing the kook that
a certain Warren Commission counsel member is dead, I guess the
kook doesn't care about that type of insensitive prose ("Good riddance")
being read by those "kids" who are lurking behind the curtain here at
Google Groups.

Right, Robby?

David Von Pein
November 2007