(PART 54)


>>> "The lack of chain of custody in almost all the evidence makes it very easy to show or suggest very firmly that there was tampering and planting of evidence." <<<


Now, suddenly, "ALMOST ALL THE EVIDENCE" has a lousy chain of custody?

Where did you scrape that crap up from? Is that in another of your
favorite conspiracy books?

I love it! The kooks aren't satisfied with complaining about the
backyard pictures...or CE399...or the two "Poe" shells on 10th Street.
No, no. Suddenly, "ALMOST ALL THE EVIDENCE" has a bad chain of
possession connected to it.

And that would also include (in addition to Bullet CE399, the Backyard
Photographs, and the two bullet cartridge cases that were handed over
to Officer J.M. Poe by witness Domingo Benavides).....

The non-Poe bullet shells on 10th Street.

The three bullet shells in the Sniper's Nest in the TSBD.

The Mannlicher-Carcano rifle (Serial # C2766).

The Smith & Wesson .38 revolver that Oswald had ON HIM when arrested.

The two front-seat bullet fragments found in the Presidential limousine.

The smaller bullet fragments found in the limousine (which were not
EXCLUDED as having come from Rifle C2766; i.e., they were consistent
with having come from that rifle).

The bullet fragments removed from John Connally's wrist (which, again,
were consistent with WCC/MC bullet lead).

The bullet fragments plucked from JFK's head (which were also consistent
with Mannlicher-Carcano bullet lead).

The bullet lead removed from the inside surface of the limousine's
windshield (which was lead that was found to be "similar in
composition" [Robert Frazier's words] to both Bullet CE399 and the
front-seat bullet fragments).

The bullets plucked from Officer Tippit's body (one of which was said
to be positively from Oswald's gun, per Joseph Nicol).

The autopsy photographs of President Kennedy.

The autopsy X-rays of President Kennedy.

The official autopsy report (which was signed and confirmed by all
three autopsists).

The paper bag in the Sniper's Nest (with LHO's prints on it).

The multiple LHO prints on the boxes in the Sniper's Nest.

The fibers found in the empty paper bag.

The fibers found wedged into the rifle.

The jacket that was found at the Texaco gas station.

The Zapruder Film (which many conspiracy-loving kooks actually think
has been altered in some way, with some of those CT nuts going so
far as to imply that the film has been--get this!--"wholly
fabricated" [verbatim verbiage from the back cover of Jim Fetzer's
book of insanity, "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax"]).

The paper trail of documents that shows that Lee Harvey Oswald
positively ordered and paid for Rifle C2766 and the S&W revolver.*

* = I'm not sure if the kooks really consider these documents "weak"
on the "chain of custody" level. But many kooks certainly do think
that all of the various "A.J. Hidell" documents, in Oswald's own
handwriting, are not to be trusted. It's just one more sign of
"Anybody But Oswald" disease, of course.


Now, for context, after listing the above pieces of physical evidence
that all lead down the "Oswald Did It" path, let me now repeat
Rob's earlier hunk of hilarity (it's even funnier now, after seeing
my list above):

"The lack of chain of custody in almost all the evidence makes
it very easy to show or suggest very firmly that there was tampering
and planting of evidence."

Robby....a net awaits you.

David Von Pein
November 2007
July 2011