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This is a really interesting story. Because it shows just how invested in the cover story CBS was, even before the WR [Warren Report] was published.

Which is really something since that concept violates ever journalistic standard out there....

KennedysAndKing.com/CBS And Their 1964 JFK Cover-Up

Florence Graves was a truly fine journalist who was quite courageous in taking this issue on.

For me, amid all the interesting revelations in the story, the one that is key is the Bernie Birnbaum quote: CBS was working on this 1964 program months in advance! Talk about being a lapdog.

The other thing is that Salant switched their policy on outtakes, and lied about it, and he then made up the ridiculous comparison with a reporter's notes.

As I observe in the article, this is no surprise since we know Salant was a liar on the JFK case from the 1967 four-parter where he lied about McCloy being a consultant.

Amazing what the JFK case does to the MSM isn't it?


There is no other way to say this. CBS was in on it from the beginning.


James DiEugenio's conspiracy-slanted opinions aside, the two CBS-TV specials (aired in September 1964 and June 1967) are, in my opinion, very good and very informative programs, with the second program (the 4-parter in '67) giving various conspiracy theorists ample airtime to voice their opinions (including Jim Garrison himself).

Many, many witnesses, including quite a few who belong in the "Very Rarely Heard From" category, were interviewed by CBS News for those two in-depth programs in 1964 and 1967 (which are interviews that I certainly appreciate having on film and videotape very much), including Abraham Zapruder, Dr. Malcolm Perry, Dr. James Humes, Darrell Tomlinson, Earlene Roberts, Cecil McWatters, Helen Markham, Garland Slack, Domingo Benavides, M.N. McDonald, H. Louis Nichols, James Jarman, Charles Brehm, William Whaley, James Altgens, Arnold Rowland, Bonnie Ray Williams, Roy Truly, Marrion Baker, Seymour Weitzman, Howard Brennan, O.P. Wright, Mary Moorman, S.M. Holland, Johnny Brewer, Marina Oswald, Murray Jackson, Charles Givens, Linnie Mae Randle, Marguerite Oswald, Ruth Paine, John Connally, Nellie Connally, Buell Wesley Frazier, Harold Norman, Jesse Curry, Ted Callaway, Carolyn Walther, Malcolm Price, Jean Hill, and George Senator.

The two CBS programs provide a veritable Who's Who of the JFK assassination, plus a very reasonable evaluation of the evidence associated with the events of November 22, 1963 (IMO).*

* Conspiracy theorists will quite naturally (and vehemently) disagree with my last statement above.

It's also good to know that excerpts from the 1964 and 1967 CBS-TV JFK specials, plus the 1964 David Wolper film "Four Days In November" and the 1993 PBS-TV three-hour documentary "Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?", are being shown on a regular basis to college students in Wisconsin by Professor John McAdams. (And, just in case you think that Prof. McAdams shows his students only "Lone Assassin" programs, he told me recently that he shows Oliver Stone's film "JFK"—uncut—to his students as well.)

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I read the article and yes, CBS deserves every ounce of criticism one can level at them. For them to pretend that they somehow "objectively" evaluated the Warren Report's conclusions without access to the evidence the Warren Commission itself would not publish for another two months, is beyond absurd.

CBS lied. No one could have evaluated the WR in such a short time.


But you do realize that CBS themselves interviewed a huge number of witnesses connected with the assassination, don't you? (See my list above.)

David Von Pein
April 26, 2019