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McWatters identified a transfer found in Oswald's pocket as coming from him.


Which reminds me....

Many conspiracy theorists in the past have said they think Lee Oswald's paper bus transfer must have been planted because there doesn't seem to be any visible creases or folds in the transfer---which is a situation, per the CTers, that would have been absolutely impossible if that transfer had been in Oswald's pocket during the major scuffle that occurred in the Texas Theater on 11/22/63.

But I think I might have the answer to this mystery concerning the "creases"....

I recently took some HD photos of a paper item that I have in my collection of baseball-related memorabilia. The item in question is part of a scorecard from a 1972 Cincinnati Reds scorebook [photo below]. The scorecard is made from very thin cardboard paper stock (about the same thickness, I would surmise, as the bus transfer that was recovered from Lee Oswald's pocket).

The paper/cardboard scorecard in question has multiple noticeable creases and folds in it, but the photos I took of it recently display no folds or creases in the picture whatsoever. It looks perfectly pristine [click for a bigger view]:

Point being:

I think it's quite possible that the bus transfer that Lee Harvey Oswald received from bus driver Cecil McWatters on the afternoon of November 22, 1963 [seen below], does have a few creases in it that were simply not captured in the photographs that were taken of it following the assassination.

Food for (photographic) thought anyway.

David Von Pein
May 4, 2018