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James Tague was NOT nicked.


James Tague was almost certainly nicked by something during the shooting of President Kennedy.

It's either that--or believe that Tague was one heck of a quick liar. Because Tague, within literally MINUTES of the shooting, said this to Dallas Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers:

"I recall something sting me on the face while I was standing down there." [WC Testimony of James T. Tague; at 7 H 553.]

And Tague's story about telling Walthers about being struck in the face is confirmed by Walthers:

"He [Tague] said, "Are you looking to see where some bullets may have struck?" And I said, "Yes." He says..."something struck me on the face."" [WC Testimony of Eddy (Buddy) Walthers; at 7 H 546.]

Plus: there was a "fresh" mark (with lead on it) on the curb near Tague's position on Main Street, which is corroborating evidence for Tague's "I was stung" story.

Whether or not Tague had blood or a cut on his face is largely irrelevant. Who cares? The fact he was hit in the face by something during the shooting is the most important thing.

And Tague was stung on the RIGHT cheek, btw, which means that the photo of Tague showing a mark on his LEFT cheek is not related to his 11/22/63 cheek injury at all.

I'm not positive, but I think Tague might even say he was stung on his "RIGHT CHEEK" during his April 21, 2005, interview on Black Op Radio, here.

EDIT -- Also see Tague's own e-mails to Mike Williams, reprinted below. (Thanks, Mike. And thanks to Jim Tague too.) ....

“I have had an ongoing problem with people getting it right. I had a small scratch almost healed on my left cheek that had nothing to do with the shooting, a photographer took a picture that day of that scratch and author after author used that photo without consulting me. Only 2 authors took the time to interview me and get it right, Harold Weisberg and Jim Bishop. I was peppered in the right cheek by debris hard enough to break the skin and bring 3 or 4 drops of blood.
I have stated the above time after time for 47 years.”
-- James Tague; May 12, 2010


In the interest of being thorough, I asked JT [James Tague] about the scuttlebutt saying that he claimed he cut himself shaving that day. His reply is as follows:

“Nicked myself shaving is a new one on me. Never heard that before. Something stung me during the shooting, moments later Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers pointed out that I had blood on my face, Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Dillard took pictures of where a bullet hit the curb, the removed curbstone is in the National Archives, the FBI lab confirmed traces of lead and antimony, 11 witnesses have testified they saw the debris fly up when the bullet hit the street. Please do your research and get the facts correct. I was not standing there shaving.” -- James Tague; May 12, 2010


James Tague, btw, was born in the small town of Plainfield, Indiana. And Plainfield is just 7 miles from where I'm typing this message right now. Small world.

David Von Pein
May 12, 2010