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I was disappointed in James [DiEugenio's] & Len Osanic's interview from last night in that Mr. DiEugenio points out CBS left out the LHO sidewalk tree & the curve in Elm Street but forgot the most important detail of all......no representation for the SS followup car & its agents inside the car & outside on the two running boards was included in the re-enactment. IMHO, the public needs to focus on that issue of the vanishing guards & their car that was left out of the initial SS & FBI filmed re-enactments starting the week after the assassination & continuing into 1964.

Visit Mr. Von Pein's spectacular video collection & look for the SS followup car & actor stand in's for the agents in the Government re-enactments & those conducted by MSM in their TV specials, computer animators & TV mini-series & movies. You won't find them.

CBS used a portion of the SS film re-enactment & boldly told its audience that what they were watching was a filmed re-enactment of JFK's murder, when in fact what the audience was seeing was a car representing JFK's limo being driven as a solo target down Elm St. with no consideration for the big & taller obstacle that was directly behind it (Queen Mary) during the actual ambush.

Line of sight blockage wasn't a problem for an alleged assassin because Hoover & Rowley's boy removed it from an unsuspecting public that trusted them.

What Hoover's FBI & Rowley's SS did was like running an ad for a used car photo in the newspapers & not mentioning the other side of the car (not visible in the photo) is all smashed in.

I'm beginning to think some JFK researchers are afraid to discuss the missing SS followup car in the initial re-enactments & those that followed the past 53 years. I don't believe in tip toeing thru the tulips...I'm broadcasting it loudly here at the Ed Forum for those afraid to discuss it.

Someone needs to put a YouTube video on that subject out there. I'm emailing a couple visualists to help get the word out if the highest respected researchers are operating under some kind of gag order or fear.


Brad, IMO, the MSM will never ever do a true reconstruction of what the WR says Oswald did.

They will always leave out something or other.

The key point that I tried to make last night was that, unbeknownst to the public, CBS had enlarged the target to at least twice as large as it would be in real life.

So Brad, with all that out there I think anyone of average intelligence can understand why there has never been a true reconstruction. And CBS had a fine opportunity to do so.


Some of the public is gullible, James. They believe whatever the police & higher up the law enforcement food chain tells them.

The fast one Hoover & Rowley pulled by yanking the guards & their car out of their re-enactments that CBS & others in MSM followed their example is still played on the public today. Dale Meyers [sic] used it in his deceptive computer animation that so impressed Peter Jennings over a decade ago.

I've got some friends I know working on something for YouTube (I don't mess with videos).

It's the same with filmmakers....they'll show an actor portraying LHO firing off his carbine, but won't show the public the line of sight LHO allegedly had with replicas of the target car & the guards tailgating it historically & accurately positioned at key points on Elm Street (Z-313 being the most critical, because if there was blockage from the guards or their car, there could not have been a fatal headshot from that TSBD window).

All the public knows about the SS guards is what they saw in 'The Smoking Gun' or that Clint Hill appeared from out of nowhere to jump on the back of JFK's car to save Jackie. That's about it.


I don't think I've ever heard a conspiracy theorist complain about the Secret Service car being removed from any of the re-enactments. But that's an interesting theory indeed, especially since we know how close the Queen Mary follow-up car was to JFK's limo on Elm Street.

However, I doubt very much that the agents standing on the running boards posed any kind of a serious obstacle for Lee Harvey Oswald when he was shooting at the President from the TSBD. And, Brad, you're surely not suggesting that the follow-up car ITSELF was in any way blocking the view of an assassin who was shooting at Kennedy from the sixth floor, are you?

Here's the closest I could come to an actual "re-enactment" in Dealey Plaza with a car representing the Queen Mary Secret Service car also being used in the reconstruction. It's from a screen capture I took via the sixth-floor "Dealey Cam" on October 8, 2015, during the filming of Stephen King's mini-series "11/22/63". As we can see in this view from the "Oswald window", the Secret Service car does not get in the way of a shot at approximately the time of the fatal head shot. However, it's possible that the SS car should be a little closer to the back bumper of JFK's car here. The gap between the cars might be just a tad too big in the re-enactment done here. But it's not too far off. Click to enlarge:

More photos HERE and HERE.

And here's a video of the 2015 re-enactment:


That's pretty good work, David! I'll step aside & let others tell you if the cars are in the correct places or not on Elm Street. The Queen Mary can be seen at the Z-313 spot in the Nix, Muchmore & Bronson films.

The height of the Queen Mary & its bulky hood & fat front fenders specifications are of interest to several folks good with math (I'm not one of them). I figure that if Stephen King could locate replicas of the JFK parade car & Queen Mary, someone else should too & get measurements. Measurements in conjunction with angles & the decline of the street could possibly answer some questions about the shooting as time goes by.

Now I ask you, David. If someone is going to pay the bucks to put a replica of JFK's parade car & the Queen Mary & position them as they were 53 years ago, why is [it] so hard for them to show the public what that looks like from an assassin's line of sight from the sniper's nest? Wouldn't it help convince more people that the murderer was in that window if people could see what he saw?


Yes, Brad, it would be nice to see a view from Oswald's window with the SS car (and its occupants) in the exact place they were in during the shooting. But in the long run, I doubt very much it would make any difference from an "Assassin's Line-of-Sight" POV. The SS car wasn't blocking Oswald's view of any part of JFK's body. And I think the 2015 photo of the Stephen King reconstruction pretty much proves that fact.

Even if you move the SS car up a few more feet, to the point where it's almost touching the bumper of the President's limousine, I still don't think that would affect Oswald's line of sight to JFK's head or upper back. If you disagree, that's fine. But I can't see the SS car or the agents in it as representing any kind of an obstacle for Oswald to have to cope with at all. And you're the first person I have ever talked with who seems to think otherwise.

But, as I said, it is an interesting subject.


From what I can see, it appears there is clearance over the Queen Mary's windshield. I suspect Chris Davidson & other visual analysts are working your re-enactments photos over with a compass, ruler & protractor as I type this. That means that a shot over that obstacle was possible. It would have cleared the agents' heads in the front seat by mere inches or fractions. This demonstrates just how close the shooter came to killing more people than just JFK. Often the savageness of the crime is left out of the various theories on how the shooting occurred.

My interest from all this came from an on site visit to Dealey Plaza in the very early 1970s with a couple of Army buddies. We took turns standing, squatting or sitting at the Z-313 spot (there was no street X back then to point it out) while the others pretended to be the Queen Mary by standing a few feet back (closer to the TSBD). None of us could ever see the bottom of the sniper's nest window, regardless of what posture we used or what we sat or stood on (simulating car seats & running boards). Unscientific, yes, but it was all we had to use for visual tools.

Again, I commend you for creating your re-enactment photos. You corrected something that's been visually wrong for 53 years. Are you going to allow other researchers to use your photos if they give you proper credit?


Certainly. No problem. Use them all you want.

If I had known this topic would surface six months later, I would have created a lot more screen captures of the Stephen King re-enactments. (They did 17 total run-throughs on October 8th of last year.)

Here's another intriguing photo, which (I think) was taken from the 7th floor of the Depository (because the sixth-floor sniper's window is forever sealed off, as you know):


@David Von Pein...

Before the crickets set in, I wanted to finish this day off by stating to you that what you shared with us here at the Education Forum in your 6th floor Museum box cam JFK ambush re-enactment photos & video is monumental (in my book). For me personally, it settles an issue that began in late 1974 & has nagged at me ever since. Since that time I believed a shot from the TSBD 'sniper's nest' was impossible; now I can see that it was possible. That says it all for me.

By rolling up your trouser legs & wading in the water with us all (and checking out all sides of the body of water we splash around in from time to time), you have demonstrated to me that you are a man of high scruples. If apologies are warranted to you from anything & everything I have ever said to you in the past in a mean spirited kind of way, I humbly & sincerely apologize. The truth is all I ever sought in the JFK murder case; if it's deemed to be on your side of the fence, that's where I'll quietly graze with the matter kinda settled in my mind.

I wasn't the only one that thought there was more to it than Oswald. Mrs. Rodgers (my 5th grade elementary school teacher) stayed with the story for months & thought it all sounded 'fishy' to her. From her lead, it became 'fishy' for a lot of her young students as well.

The Donald needs to drop out of the race IMHO. I'm now voting for you, David.

Hat off & a salute to you, Distinguished Sir.

Brad Milch

PS: I can't let Dan Rather or CBS off the hook so easy. For a man who has a net worth of 70 million dollars, it wouldn't have killed him to put a replica of the SS Queen Mary behind the Lincoln used in the 1967 CBS TV specials & let us see what a sniper saw from the infamous window. Dan could afford it, he had the big bucks.



As much as I appreciate your kind words above very much, I can't help but think that my run for the Presidency in 2016 (after knocking Mr. Trump out of the race) might be a tad premature. :)

The truth is, Brad, when I captured that image of the motorcade re-enactment via the Dealey Plaza Cam last October, I was doing it merely for the sake of pure entertainment. I wasn't attempting to prove any theory about JFK's assassination. I just seized upon an opportunity to do a little rubbernecking as the Stephen King film was being shot in the Plaza. And that "Dealey Cam" is a perfect "spying" tool. So I utilized it.

I stayed at my computer all day long that day, watching President Kennedy get shot over and over again. And then watched as the limousine carrying the mortally wounded President circled the Plaza after each filmed re-enactment, slowly moving east on Main Street, then driving out of sight in front of the old courthouse as the car moved into position for another "take". It was nearly dusk when they finally wrapped up the filming in Dealey Plaza. It was both fascinating and eerie at the same time, watching that limo round the corner of Main onto Houston 17 different times during the filming of the Stephen King mini-series.

But if one of my screen captures has inadvertently helped you in any way, that's great. But the thanks should probably go to Stephen King....and also to the person who decided to place that permanent camera in the window of the old Book Depository Building. :)

David Von Pein
April 22, 2016