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What a shame! DVP has screwed up again. The 2 facts were not anything hard to know about. They were that the MC [Mannlicher-Carcano] rifle was owned by LHO, and he was seen sneaking it into the TSBD. And THAT'S supposed to be his absolute proof that Oswald shot JFK! Amazing!

Except that it is agreed that the MC rifle was Oswald's and that he snuck it into the TSBD probably that day, or soon before that day. That does NOT prove that LHO pulled the trigger and fired at the motorcade. In fact, there was a TSBD worker named Carolyn Arnold that saw Oswald at about 12:15pm in the 2nd floor lunchroom, and at about that same time 2 men were seen in the 6th floor window with a gun.

If Oswald was duped into bringing in the rifle and hiding it to later show it for sale to someone in the TSBD, then there is a perfectly legitimate reason to bring in the rifle and DVP is bonkers.

As well, the rifle had a misaligned scope from a bad mounting, and it had as sticky bolt which would make it almost impossible to stay on target while working the bolt to jack in a new shell. These were the findings of the Army test facility when they got the rifle.

So DVP, onward and upward to find the real killer of JFK.


Then why did Oswald LIE to Buell Wesley Frazier about the contents of his brown paper package?

And under such perfectly innocent "show it for sale" purposes, why would he even feel the need to put the rifle into a brown paper bag (or ANY type of container) at all on 11/22/63?

Let's hear your lame excuses for all that, Chris.


No problem. Though [TSBD Superintendent Roy S.] Truly had [a] rifle in his office, he wouldn't appreciate his workers bringing in things to chat about or sell when they should be working fetching books. So Oswald brought in his rifle, but disguised it so that he could get it in without arousing the boss. He kept the info from Frasier [sic] so that he would [not] tell or let it out accidentally.

Remember, they could not find anywhere that Oswald bought any ammunition for his rifle, and they couldn't find anywhere that he practiced with his rifle. As a matter of fact, there was a misalignment in the scope due to a bad mounting, and the bolt was sticky putting the rifle off target every time it was worked. These faults in the rifle were never fixed, so that says that the rifle was never practiced with and the faults never discovered.

Whoever fired the rifle out the 6th floor window of the TSBD didn't really care if they hit anything, so the faults didn't matter. Other shooters around Dealey plaza would do the job.


Just as I thought --- lame.

So, according to your version of events, Oswald couldn't have just brought the rifle to work to show to his co-workers on his lunch hour (from 12:00 to 12:45), eh?

Were the TSBD workers prohibited from displaying rifles and talking about them during their lunch break too?

Your "disguised it so that he could get it in without arousing the boss" excuse reeks of CTer desperation.

You should have just said nothing, Chris. Because you now look more desperate than ever in your constant, year-round efforts to exonerate a double-murderer.

Are you blushing? You should be.


I've supplied reasons to explain Oswald's use of the paper bag and his being quiet about bringing in the rifle.


Yeah, I know. And those reasons you gave are hilarious and idiotic.

(Blushing yet?)

BTW, your theory about LHO wanting to hide the rifle from Roy Truly becomes even sillier when you think of the alternative that Oswald would have had of taking his rifle to work to "sell" or "show" to someone AFTER the work day was completed at 4:45.

Why couldn't Oswald have just said this to a potential purchaser of the gun? ---

Hey, Junior, meet me outside by Wesley's car at 4:45 and I'll show you the rifle you wanted me to bring in today.

Let's see Chris turn himself into a pretzel as he attempts to knock down the logic of my last paragraph above.

David Von Pein
April 8-13, 2016