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In looking through [Dr. Robert McClelland's] original testimony, I can't find any place where he says the scalp was completely unharmed, or anything similar to that. If you saw that somewhere, point me to it, so I can see the context.


You're right. That type of "undamaged rear scalp" statement isn't to be found in Dr. McClelland's official testimony anyplace.

But you seem to be constantly missing the point -- which is:

McClelland has said in private interviews some things that cannot possibly co-exist regarding President Kennedy's head wounds:

1.) Dr. McClelland definitely thinks a shot fired from the front (Grassy Knoll) caused all of JFK's head damage. (Ergo, he can't "pull a John Canal" on us and theorize that a great-big hole in the right-rear of Kennedy's head was some kind of "collateral" damage that was caused by Oswald shooting JFK in the head from behind.)

2.) McClelland thinks there was a huge blasted-out hole in the right-rear of President Kennedy's SKULL.

3.) McClelland thinks that the right-rear of JFK's SCALP was left totally untouched and undamaged by the same bullet that blasted out a huge part of the right-rear SKULL [see video below]. (And whether the good doctor is on record in front of the Warren Commission or ARRB as making this third claim is irrelevant, because we know from McClelland's later interviews that he does believe that #2 and #3 on this list can co-exist on the same head of JFK [see video below].)

Here's another way to try and get my point across to Chris about the absurdity of Dr. McClelland's stance on this subject of JFK's head wounds:

At some point after the assassination, someone created a drawing that depicted the large exit wound in JFK's head according to the way Dr. McClelland said the wound looked to him. This is that drawing:

Now, given the fact that Robert McClelland generally agrees with the information depicted in the above drawing, let me ask this:

How can that drawing be accurate when even Dr. McClelland agrees that the right-rear scalp of President Kennedy remained completely undamaged and unfazed by the assassin's bullet?

In other words, how can the two things depicted in the composite photo below possibly co-exist on the very same head at the end of the day on November 22, 1963?

I firmly believe that those two things shown in the above composite picture cannot co-exist on JFK's head...and, therefore, Dr. Robert N. McClelland was mistaken about the location of the large hole in the President's skull.

David Von Pein
January 26, 2012