(PART 1093)


Josiah Thompson thought there were two head shots.


And Mr. Thompson, like nearly all conspiracy theorists, arrived at that theory while totally ignoring the best evidence that proves such a "Two Head Shots" theory is outright nonsense -- the autopsy report.


Why do conspiracists feel it's perfectly fine and appropriate (and practically their DUTY) to completely ignore and/or dismiss JFK's autopsy report (which is a report that was signed by THREE different doctors)?

Do CTers like Josiah Thompson REALLY believe that ALL THREE of those autopsy physicians were rotten, evil liars (or just brainless idiots) when they signed their names to JFK's official autopsy report, which is a report that is as clear as day regarding the number of bullets that entered President Kennedy's body on 11/22/63?

And then ALL THREE of those pathologists decided they would tell lie after lie about the President's autopsy for the rest of their lives whenever they discussed the case with reporters or when they gave testimony to a Governmental investigative organization? (Yeah, right.)

I suppose if we were to just toss aside all of the evidence in the case (including the autopsy report and the testimony of all three autopsists), then a case could be made for multiple shooters and two head shots, even though such a silly action on the part of CTers would STILL not create the existence of any bullets, guns, shells, or gunmen that can be used to prop up their make-believe multi-gun conspiracies.

Oh, wait, that's just exactly what conspiracy theorists HAVE done in the JFK and J.D. Tippit murder cases, isn't it? They've decided that NONE of the evidence can be trusted. None of it. Therefore, a totally clean slate must be introduced, after throwing out all of the Oswald-did-it evidence (including all 12 or so witnesses in Oak Cliff).

It's kind of tough, though, to prove anything when you've started from scratch -- with NO guns, NO bullets, NO gunmen, NO trustworthy autopsy report, NO trustworthy FBI reports, and NO trustworthy information at all coming from ANY of the Government committees who were assigned to investigate the assassination (WC, HSCA*, Clark Panel, etc.).

* Except, of course, for the HSCA's Dictabelt garbage, which many CTers still love to embrace, while dismissing all of the Oswald-did-it evidence that the HSCA re-examined.

In short -- conspiracy theorists who endorse the "Two Head Shots" theory (or any other conspiracy theory that ends up with Lee Oswald being declared innocent) have only one thing going for them:

Their imagination.

David Von Pein
July 25, 2011