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I can't change your mind, David...no one on this group has ever changed their mind and said they did so because someone else's arguments convinced them they were wrong.....and I never expected you to be the first.

But look at the first words of what you wrote:

"Nothing you could say..."

Then don't listen to me...pay attention to what the forensic radiologist, Dr. John Fitzpatrick, the forensic pathologist, Dr. Robert Kirschner, and the forensic anthropologist, Dr. Douglas Ubelaker said....which was there was NO, NADA, ZILCHO, VOILA, ZERO, evidence on the x-rays of a bullet wound in the cowlick.

And while you're calling them clowns, liars, or unqualified to say that, you might want to add the esteemed Dr. Joseph Davis to that list. He was the Chief Medical Examiner for Dade County, Florida for decades....and stated on the record there was evidence on the x-rays for an entry near the EOP.

And I'll end this exchange hoping you'll try to come up with an explanation for why on God's green earth your favorite BOH photo shows a bunch of relatively undamaged scalp over the very large top/right/front area where bone AND SCALP were blown into DP [Dealey Plaza] and/or the limo.

Yes, I really wonder if you'll actually try to explain that to yourself? I wouldn't though if I were you because you can't be the first here to change their mind on an important point because of something a few experts said...so don't get a headache trying to explain that.

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John Canal


Well, John, there are some things relating to the JFK assassination case that I cannot explain (and I probably never will be able to fully explain them to even my own full satisfaction)--and by far the biggest of these problems is this one (which I've wrestled with for years):

How could so many Parkland (and even Bethesda) witnesses see something in JFK's head (a huge hole in the right/rear/occipital area of his head) that we know from THE BEST EVIDENCE in the case could not possibly have existed?

That one is a toughie. And I do not know the complete answer to it.

But let me add this concerning one of those Parkland witnesses--Robert McClelland:

John, how in the world do you think Bob McClelland was actually able to see a great big hole at the FAR-RIGHT-REAR of JFK's head when he admits that he was STARING DOWN at John Kennedy's face while he (McClelland) was standing over the President?

McClelland has stated numerous times that he was looking DOWN into a large wound that he said was at the RIGHT-REAR of Kennedy's head....and yet it would have been physically impossible for him to have done so (given his position and JFK's face-up position on the stretcher at the time McClelland says he was observing such a wound).

Seems to me as though McClelland would have been staring down into the wound at the RIGHT-FRONT of JFK's head. Yes, he would have been in an ideal position (at the head of the stretcher) to have seen, in great clarity, the wound that both you and I know WAS there in the right-front-top portion of JFK's cranium. Right?

And Dr. McClelland's explanation about the pulled-up scalp that he gave to the PBS cameras in 1988 [see the video below] is just as wacky as his other comments about being about to stare down into a huge wound that Kennedy must have actually been lying on. The "pulled up" scalp theory of McClelland's is extremely silly -- because that piece of scalp is INTACT and undamaged. Therefore, how could any Parkland people have seen ANY wound through AN INTACT PORTION OF JFK'S SCALP in the first place. It's physically impossible.

And we all know that Kennedy's scalp had not been "peeled back" or reflected while he was on the stretcher at Parkland. The autopsy surgeons are the ones who peeled back the scalp, with loose pieces of skull then clinging to that scalp. But the Parkland witnesses certainly cannot utilize that reasoning for seeing a right-rear hole in Kennedy's head.

More about the really weird 1988 tales of 4 of the Parkland doctors HERE.

David Von Pein
July 13, 2011