(PART 1087)


Hey, I know what we should do....

Since we can't be in 100% agreement about the DETAILS of the conspiracy, let's just join the LNers and PRETEND that Lyin Bastard [Lyndon] Johnson was as pure as the new fallen snow and wouldn't lie, his hand picked "Blue Ribbon Committee" performed an honest investigation and gave us the gospel in The Warren Report.

In other words, let's just tuck our heads in our asses like all LNers.


You still don't get it, do you? It's not the LNers you need to convince. Every one of them believes the same thing: Oswald, alone, in the TSBD, with the Carcano.

You Conspiracy Nuts [CN] think it's LN vs CN. It isn't. It's CN vs CN.

How can you possibly convince an LN if you can't even convince yourselves? You're a stampeding herd, scattering in every direction and trying to convince the drovers to go over the cliffs with you. Total lunacy.

Do you honestly believe that ALL the conspiracy theories are correct, even when they contradict each other?

The first thing you fruitcakes need to do is agree on Oswald: was he a shooter or not? Until you do that, you'll never get anywhere--even if every single living person on the planet should miraculously agree that there was a conspiracy. Get agreement among all CNs on Oswald, whatever that agreement is. Until you do that, you'll just keep spinning your wheels like you have been for the last 46 years.

So far, all you nutcases have been doing is running around the hallways yelling "Fire!" It would be very helpful if you all could agree just where in the asylum that fire is.

LNs: Oswald, alone, in the TSBD, with the Carcano.
CNs: Everyone, everywhere, with everything and everyone else.


Aggie, of course, is 100% correct.

LNers agree on Lee Harvey Oswald murdering JFK from the 6th Floor of the TSBD, by firing exactly 3 shots from LHO's own rifle (Mannlicher-Carcano #C2766, which is a serial number that was UNIQUE TO OSWALD'S RIFLE; and that last statement about the serial number has never been proven to be false, even though many kooks have tried to prove it false).

Conspiracy kooks, on the other hand, can't agree on whether Oswald fired ANY shots at JFK (with nearly all of the conspiracy-loving lunatics who post at any of the various "JFK Forums" on the Internet being part of the minority of humans who believe that Oswald was totally innocent of shooting Kennedy). It seems at times that that entire minority is posting on Internet forums.

CTers also don't agree on the number of shots that were fired. It varies from 4 to 12, and maybe more, depending on which kook you're
talking about at any particular time.

Bob Groden, for instance, likes the idea of up to ten shots being fired in Dealey Plaza--with ZERO of those ten likely coming from the "Oswald window" at all! [See pages 20 through 40 of Groden's "The Killing Of A President" for Bob's complete shooting timeline of hilarity.]

Instead, according to Groden, the goofball plotters who were framing poor patsy Oswald apparently decided it was a good idea to fire from gobs of locations WHERE THEIR PATSY WAS NOT LOCATED, and then the insane plotters just did a "Hail Mary!", throwing up their collective arms, hoping and praying that all of the many bullets penetrating the victims from the many non-Oswald guns wouldn't be noticed by anyone afterwards.

Or: Better still! The goofball conspirators hoped and prayed that the U.S. Government AND the Dallas Police Department would be wanting to FRAME THE EXACT SAME PATSY NAMED OSWALD after the assassination took place! Therefore, all of the "real" evidence in the case would be swept under the carpet and replaced by FAKE and PLANTED evidence to incriminate everyone's favorite patsy for all 11/22/63 murders in Dallas, Texas!

Great plan there, huh?

Those retarded plotters sure got lucky, didn't they, when LBJ and the Warren boys AND the Dallas Police Department AND the Dallas Sheriff's Department all decided to get together and frame the same guy named Oswald that the PRE-assassination plotters (Shaw? Ferrie? Banister? Marcello? Trafficante? Wallace? Others?) were attempting to set up as their lone patsy for Kennedy's death?!

Whew! You don't get lucky like that every day (if you're a goofball plotter, that is, who decides to frame a man for murder and then doesn't even bother, per Groden, to fire a single shot from the place where your patsy is supposed to be shooting from).

Those plotters must be great in Vegas. They can beat ANY odds!

Many CT-Kooks on the Internet also believe Oswald was innocent of killing Officer J.D. Tippit too! Now this boner is one for the books, especially since the kooks' favorite patsy for all November 22nd murders just happened to have the Tippit murder weapon IN HIS HANDS when he was arrested just 35 minutes after Tippit was shot.

But, the conspiracy faithful can always jump into the sack with mega-kook John Judge, who thinks that the Dallas Police took Oswald's revolver into the theater themselves (apparently the cops then shoved the gun into Oswald's hands, and then Oswald, being the obedient patsy that he was, decided to use the planted gun to try and kill some more cops in the theater before being subdued).

In short, the conspiracy-happy kooks who occupy space on the World Wide Web are fond of their unique little club, known as the "Anybody But Oswald" fraternity.

It doesn't cost anything to join that club. The only requirement is that you be in total denial when it comes to the actual evidence associated with the murders of President John F. Kennedy and Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit.

And, sadly, we are walking among many such deniers on a daily basis on the Internet.

David Von Pein
May 2, 2010