(PART 451)

Subject: Oswald and the Russian Language
Date: 3/4/2009 9:08:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: A.R.
To: David Von Pein


Dear David Von Pein:

My name is [A.R.]. You have never heard of me. But don't worry. I mean you no harm. I am not going to be a nuisance. This is a JFK e-mail. I am a subscriber to Walt Brown's Deep Politics and to the British Dealey Plaza Echo.

I saw on the internet---you came up on a Google search---that late last year you were in correspondence with Walt Brown on how Oswald learnt Russian. This is a topic in which I have a great interest.

In last November's Echo I had published a 3,800 word article entitled "Evidence That Oswald was a Natural Russian Speaker". This article was an abbreviation of a 9,500 word article (listed under this e-mail attachment as "The Fuller Version").

My intention is to expand this Fuller Version into a 20,000 word investigation into Oswald and the Russian language, containing as wide a range of viewpoints as possible.

I must point out that my views---at the moment---are strongly on Walt Brown's side, but I am very amenable to persuasion by facts and argument. .... What do you think?

Yours, A.R.


Subject: Re: Oswald And The Russian Language
Date: 3/4/2009 11:00:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: David Von Pein
To: A.R.



Thanks for your mail. I'll try and make the time to read the attached article you sent me.

My "In-a-Nutshell" stance on Oswald being able to speak Russian fairly fluently is this---

The whole issue is a rather moot point, in my opinion. And that's because it's obvious that the New Orleans-born individual known as Lee Harvey Oswald absolutely, positively WAS able to read, write, and speak the Russian language (and, no, I don't believe for even one second that there was an "Oswald Imposter" floating around Texas in 1963).

If I recall Walt Brown's opinion correctly on this from late last year, Walt is of the opinion that the "LHO" who gave the short "Midnight Press Conference" on 11/22/63 could not possibly in a million years have learned to speak Russian with any fluency or proficiency whatsoever.

That opinion, IMO, is just flat-out silly, based on the rock-solid FACT that LHO did, indeed, speak (and write) Russian fairly well.

Inventing a "second" Oswald to fit some ill-conceived conspiracy theory and to explain the gaps in logic that virtually all conspiracy theories contain is, in my view, a cop-out.

Bottom Line -- Lee Harvey Oswald spoke Russian pretty well, and he was not a native Russian citizen. He was an American who lived most of his 24 years in Texas, Louisiana, and New York.

Therefore, regardless of anyone's subjective answer to this question that Walt Brown was asking in late 2008: "How Could Oswald Have Learned Russian When He Couldn't Even Pronounce The Word 'Ask' Correctly?" -- the fact is: Lee Harvey Oswald DID learn the Russian language (despite his dyslexia).

Best Regards,
David Von Pein
March 4, 2009