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As Oswald is shot in the stomach, he lurches TOWARDS shooter Jack Ruby, then jumps completely off the ground, both feet leaving the floor, before he topples to the floor.


That's incredible, Steve (and Raymond). You're 100% right.

I never once had noticed that fact before (until just a minute ago, while rewatching the KRLD-TV footage of the shooting in the video below to confirm it). But Oswald's feet do, indeed, appear to actually leave the ground after the bullet hits him in the gut. Amazing.


It's funny how sometimes certain small things are never noticed in some of the films and pictures (by me anyway) until they are pointed out by somebody else. Things that are actually VISIBLE, that is. I'm not talking about hidden assassins behind the fence on the Knoll that certain CTers firmly believe can be "seen" in some of the assassination photos. I'm referring to REAL things that can be seen by anyone, such as this "Oswald's Feet Leave The Ground" topic and, in another example, the fact that JFK's head moves forward (not backward) at the moment of impact at Z313 of the Zapruder Film (which is something that most conspiracy theorists still seem not to notice at all when watching the Z-Film in slow motion; at least it's never mentioned by most CTers).

I guess perhaps I failed to notice Oswald's feet leaving the ground because I'm never really paying much attention to Oswald's FEET when I watch that incredible footage of LHO being murdered. I'm usually paying attention to Ruby moving toward his prey (or, at other times, I'm watching Will Fritz' reaction, which I always have thought was quite humorous, for some reason). :)

Plus, there's the fact that Oswald's feet are only visible in the videotaped footage for such a brief, fleeting instant. If you blink, you'll miss it entirely.

I was originally planning on writing a post saying: "Steve must be crazy! I've never seen Oswald's feet leaving the basement floor after he was shot!"

But, instead, after viewing the footage again and looking at LHO's feet, I had to completely change my tune about it.

Thanks, Steve and Raymond.

BTW, Raymond, was that Steve Barber who e-mailed you that information by any chance? [I never got a reply from Raymond concerning this question.]

Mr. Barber does, indeed, seem to have a knack of noticing things that other people never notice -- such as the Bill Decker statement on the Dictabelt and something I'd never noticed at the end of Walter Cronkite's first bulletin on
CBS-TV until Steve brought it up recently (when a person in the background informs Cronkite that Connally had been hit by the gunfire in Dallas too).

David Von Pein
March 2, 2009