(PART 440)


Dale Myers...pushed the images of the two victims [JFK & JBC] together, causing both the vertical and horizontal angles to shrink, and appear to point back to the alleged sniper's nest.


As Mr. Harris is aware, Dale Myers has fully explained that visual anomaly on his website:



"Mr. [Robert] Harris makes the foolish claim that he can measure a two-dimensional still frame of a computer rendering of the presidential limousine and its occupants (as culled from the Discovery Channel program, “Beyond the Magic Bullet”) and determine the angle of a three-dimensional trajectory from the sniper’s nest.


Mr. Harris then adds this, “Okay, notice two things here. First the car and the background are all wireframes. Also, he still has Kennedy and Connally close together, so that 18 degree bullet trajectory looks pretty reasonable. But as the car rotates, notice that something happens. The wireframes disappear and right in the middle of the rotation, Mr. Myers switches to a totally different video. In this video he positions President Kennedy and Governor Connally correctly.”

What Mr. Harris doesn’t know is that the two renderings (wireframe and solid form) depict THE SAME MODEL [Myers' emphasis].

That’s right folks, the wireframe model that he claims has been “jammed together” in order to mislead the American public and perpetuate the cover-up, is the EXACT SAME MODEL [Myers' emphasis] (and in the same position) as the solid form model which Mr. Harris says depicts Kennedy and Connally correctly.

For you tech junkies, the model of the single bullet moment was simply rendered in a 360 degree rotational view multiple times with a variety of surface settings (wireframe, solids, etc.), and then combined with simple dissolves pulled between the various layers.


...The only game players in this case are the conspiracy diehards like Mr. Harris who refuse to accept the reality of what happened in Dealey Plaza and prefer instead to prey on the young and naïve who are more than happy to follow any video pied piper willing to tell them whatever they want to hear about the Kennedy assassination -- truth be damned."
-- DALE K. MYERS; 08/18/2008


Of course, Robert Harris refuses to accept the above explanation by the animator himself. The conspiracy kooks would rather believe that Myers has deliberately skewed the facts in some way.

But what I'd really like SBT critics to do is to logically and reasonably answer the following questions regarding Myers' animation (which are questions I've asked anti-SBTers in the past, and have never once been treated to anything close to what could qualify as a "reasonable" answer):

"If the animation project authored by Dale K. Myers is dead wrong...then I want to know HOW...it would have been even remotely possible for Dale Myers to have stuck THAT CLOSE TO THE REAL EVIDENCE in the case and to have produced a BOGUS animation (as CTers believe he has done) that comes so incredibly CLOSE to what a true and NON-BOGUS animation would have looked like?

To clarify what I mean by that --- The depiction of the victims (JFK & JBC) in Myers' animation...are certainly NOT so far "out of whack" that any CTer can look at it and say this: "Myers is full of shit here! He doesn't have this model even CLOSE to being accurate in any way!"

So, even if the anti-SBT crowd wants to nitpick about the size of John Connally's head in Dale's 3D model, or about the height of the limo's crossbar seen in the animation.....those same CTers haven't a leg to stand on when it comes to the big-ticket question that no conspiracist has EVER been able to reconcile--and that question is: If the SBT is only a wet dream of "WC shills" (et al), then how in the world did multiple gunmen firing multiple bullets...into the bodies of two victims manage to MIMIC A PERFECT (or damn near perfect-looking) SINGLE-BULLET EVENT with those multiple bullets?"
-- DVP; 04/18/2008



"As I've said a thousand times before -- the luck of those multiple shooters in Dealey Plaza apparently never ran out. Did it? Those assassins were even able to fool Dale Myers' computer overlays and key framing....with those crackerjack killers pummelling JBC & JFK with several bullets (all of the vanishing variety, naturally) in just such a pattern (and with ideal SBT-like timing to boot, per the Z-Film) so that decades later a man at his computer could come up with an animation -- BASED ON AN ACTUAL FILMED RECORD OF THE EVENT! -- that would make this MULTI-shot event look exactly the same as the SBT purported by the WC in 1964. Where's the champagne?! Those ever-efficient, magical assassins deserve an endless supply of it for that magnificent hunk of "public duping". Wouldn't you agree?" -- DVP; 05/19/2007

David Von Pein
February 6, 2009