(PART 439)


David, your question about the details of a hypothetical situation is not valid at all.


Yes, I know. That's why I deleted that post two minutes after I posted it. I realized after posting it that it wasn't entirely relevant.

Anyway, Bob....keep fantasizing about a Z285 shot that none of the experts or the Government investigations agrees is there at all. After all, you can always have your conspiracy (in your own mind) as long as you pretend (via pure subjectivism and nothing more) that a shot was fired at Z285.

And since you desperately WANT a "conspiracy", it's a perfect situation for you, Robert -- i.e., you can always have a make-believe missed gunshot at Z285 that nobody can firmly disprove 100%. Of course, you cannot come close to PROVING it beyond a reasonable doubt either. So, I guess it's a stalemate.

But, based on a little something known as THE TOTALITY OF ALL THE EVIDENCE in the JFK murder case, it's fairly obvious to anyone who has the word "reasonable" attached to them that only THREE shots were fired at JFK on 11/22/63, and that no shot was fired at Z285.

Now, Bob, go to work on proving that Nellie Connally and Jacqueline Kennedy were positively NOT moving their heads and bodies in the manner they moved them just after Z-Frame 285 because of their desire to tend to their shot-up husbands.

Can you, Bob, prove the ladies weren't merely "leaning in" toward their injured husbands at the exact same time merely out of concern over their spouses' injuries -- versus your theory of the two women reacting to the sound of a gunshot instead?

After all, since all reasonable people know without a speck of a doubt that the Single-Bullet Theory is true, it would make perfect sense to have both Nellie and Jackie reacting in the manner they each did on the Zapruder Film based ONLY on the fact that each of their husbands was hit by Oswald's CE399 bullet at the EXACT SAME TIME. Therefore, why couldn't the women be reacting in such a fashion at the EXACT SAME TIME as well?

Good luck disproving my last paragraph above.

David Von Pein
February 5, 2009