(PART 435)


They reacted within the same 1/6th of a second. You can confirm that yourself, because it is quite easy to see when those reactions began. .... They all began to react at 290-291 (possibly 292 at the most), which means that shot was fired no earlier than 285.


Your main problem, Bob, is trying to PROVE that the "reactions" on the part of Nellie, Jackie, Kellerman, and Greer (which could more accurately be referred to as "movements") are as a result of hearing a gunshot.

Naturally, you cannot come anywhere close to proving that the movements of those 4 people in the limousine are occurring as the result of each of them hearing a shot at Z285. You THINK you've "proven" it, but of course you haven't.

For one (very big!) thing, the limo occupants' "reactions" that you attribute to a gunshot are not SHARP or SUDDEN or JERKY in any way whatsoever. The "reactions" (i.e., movements) are perfectly SMOOTH and NON-JERKY.

When watching Nellie and Jackie "leaning in" toward their husbands, they are SMOOTHLY leaning in toward each man. There's nothing unusual or out of the ordinary about Nellie's and Jackie's movements at all.

In short -- There's nothing at all on the Z-Film that could possibly prove that a shot was fired at circa Z285. But that won't stop Robert Harris from imagining that he has discovered proof-positive of just such a gunshot.

David Von Pein
February 6, 2009