(PART 71)


>>> "I showed there aren't enough bullets to cause 8 wounds, two large fragments, three tiny particles, a big dent in [the] chrome and a cracked windshield." <<<


Don't you love it when a conspiracist thinks he knows certain things
beyond all doubt that are in complete opposition to what THE EXPERTS
MULTIPLE investigations too...e.g., WC, HSCA, Clark Panel, Rockefeller
Commission, Dr. Olivier of the U.S. Army, etc.)??

>>> "8 wounds..." <<<

All of JBC's & JFK's wounds were positively caused by TWO bullets that
were fired from Lee Oswald's MC rifle.

That's a fact that was agreed upon by BOTH the Warren Commission and
the House Select Committee on Assassinations. (Both of those
organizations were full of liars, is that it Rob? Therefore, you think
you can just dismiss their "ONLY TWO BULLETS HIT THE VICTIMS"
conclusion out of hand. Right? It's nice being a nutcase, huh?)

The SBT is a rock-solid fact. Common sense alone makes it true. And
when the ONE bullet in evidence is coupled with the ZERO OTHER BULLETS
in evidence and the ZERO BULLETS found in Kennedy & Connally and the
LACK OF BODILY damage inside JFK's neck & back....then the SBT rises
several more notches on the "Actually Happened" scale.

Only a kook would ignore all of those obvious "common sense" factors
connected with the shooting and the SBT.

Plus: The viability of the SBT was given a big boost in late 2004 when
The Discovery Channel aired "JFK: BEYOND THE MAGIC BULLET", which
proved that a WCC/MC missile just like CE399 can (and will) go through
two "mock-ups" of the two Dallas victims, with that test bullet
travelling a very similar trajectory and doing a similar amount of
damage to the two mock "victims"....with the test bullet then
emerging IN ONE PIECE, like this:

The excellent "Beyond The Magic Bullet" demonstration is just more
stuff that the conspiracy-loving clowns must totally ignore (or skew)
in order to forge ahead with their silly and mindless "The SBT Was
Impossible" drivel.

>>> "...Two large fragments [in the limo]..." <<<

Which were from the head-shot bullet (from Oswald's rifle). So, we're
still at TWO total bullets hitting the victims.


>>> "...Three tiny particles [under Nellie Connally's jump seat in the limo]..." <<<

Which were almost certainly also from the head-shot bullet (from
Oswald's rifle). Nothing has knocked an "Oswald bullet" out of
contention regarding these fragments. So, we're still at TWO total
bullets hitting the victims. And both from LHO's Mannlicher-Carcano.


>>> "...A big dent in [the] chrome [at the front of the limousine]..." <<<

Which is a dent in the chrome that was almost certainly caused by one
of the two front-seat bullet fragments (from Oswald's gun) after those
fragments exited President Kennedy's head after Lee Harvey Oswald's
bullet crashed through JFK's cranium at approx. 2,100 to 2,200 feet
per second.

So, we're still at TWO total bullets hitting the victims. (Both from
Oswald's MC weapon.)


>>> "...And a cracked windshield." <<<

Which is a cracked windshield that was almost certainly caused by the
other of the two large bullet fragments from Lee Oswald's rifle that
struck Kennedy in the head, causing FORWARD-MOVING fragments to exit
his head, moving toward the front of the Presidential limousine,

This is, again, perfectly consistent with the "LN/LHO/3-Shots-Fired/

So, we are still at TWO total bullets striking the two victims in the
car....with both of those bullets coming out of the barrel of
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle #C2766.

Let's see the conspiracy kooks ignore all of this lone-assassin-proving
material (which, of course, they will ignore, without feeling a tiny bit
of embarrassment while so doing):






David Von Pein
November 30, 2007