(PART 65)


>>> "I disregard your theory because you have no real proof." <<<


I guess by "real proof", you mean a tape-recorded confession of Lee Oswald
saying at the top of his lungs -- "I KILLED JFK" and "I KILLED J.D. TIPPIT".
Right, Mr. Kook?

But that still wouldn't prove anything to a conspiracy kook. You'd just say
that Oswald was coerced into confessing to two murders that somebody
else committed (with Oswald's arsenal of weapons).


>>> "I go where the evidence leads." <<<

If that were true, you'd be an LNer, of course.

Truth is, being a kook, you go where the kooky conspiracy authors lead
you. You really have no mind of your own. You think you do. But your
mind belongs to John Armstrong, Mark Lane, Oliver Stone, Jim Garrison,
and Joan Mellen.

>>> "He [Proverbial Patsy Lee Harvey Oswald] is as innocent as DVP." <<<

What makes you think I'm innocent?

I was hiding in the sewer with four other killers on November 22nd, you

>>> "We know from his Marine service, LHO couldn't hit the side of a barn--even one standing still." <<<

I love it when the kooks drag out the old tired conspiracy myths all over
again, as if they are new once more. This one regarding Oswald and the
"side of the barn" is Myth #64 I believe.

Truth is, of course, that Oswald was a very good shot by "civilian" standards.
But in the hands (and mind) of a kook, a 212 Marine Corps rating of
"Sharpshooter" becomes a crappy rating owned by someone who "couldn't
hit the side of a barn--even one standing still".

Amazing ignorance.

You're some kind of "CT Plant", aren't ya Robby? Sent here to make
even Benjamin Holmes, David G. Healy, and Walter Cakebread look like
the cream of the conspiracy crop, right? You can fess up. I won't tell
anybody (except our one "lurker" per month).

>>> "If you were so confident in your theory, there would be no need to mock others." <<<

Robby gets another one wrong. Still batting .000 for the season. But he
thinks he's leading the league at .455 (or even 1.000 probably).

Truth is, I'd mock your nuttiness even if I were a conspiracy theorist.

>>> "I didn't wake up one day and say "Geez, JFK was killed by a conspiracy". I read a lot about the case in college and approached it in a fair way, but the evidence...is so weak that it would not stand up in court." <<<

It could have just SAT there, dorment on a table, with no prosecutor
present at all, and Lee Oswald would have been convicted of at LEAST
one murder (Officer J.D. Tippit's).

And unless the jury box was filled with O.J. Simpson's jurors, LHO would
have hanged for JFK's murder too. Only a kook could possibly believe
otherwise. Because.....

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with President Kennedy's assassination and was framed....this otherwise independent and defiant would-be revolutionary, who disliked taking orders from anyone, turned out to be the most willing and cooperative frame-ee in the history of mankind!! Because the evidence of his guilt is so monumental, that he could have just as well gone around with a large sign on his back declaring in bold letters 'I Just Murdered President John F. Kennedy'!!!" Anyone...ANYONE who would believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent, would believe someone who told them that they heard a cow speaking the Spanish language!" -- VINCENT T. BUGLIOSI; 1986

>>> "Also, the poor job the DPD did in protecting LHO makes it even more obvious." <<<

And that sloppiness on the part of the DPD on Sunday, November 24th
somehow ERASES all of that evidence that says Oswald killed two people
two days earlier?

Just how does that work, kook? Jack Ruby's bullet suddenly makes ALL OF
THE EVIDENCE against the man he murdered vanish into thin air? (Remember
now, I'm talking to you with the knowledge that you're in the "LHO Shot
No One" club.)

So tell me how Ruby killing Oswald makes Oswald innocent.

I can't wait to hear this tale.

>>> "I can eventually find the cite for everything I say." <<<

Oh, yeah? Including the cite for your assertion a few days ago that
the three shells found in the Sniper's Nest could not be linked to
Oswald's rifle? (Where's the official "cite" for that bald-faced lie?)

Or maybe you're talking about the cite for your other assertion that
the two front-seat bullet fragments were never tied conclusively to
Lee Oswald's Carcano either. (Where's that citation for that? In your
attic, with Babushka Lady and her film maybe?)

You're a CT joke. Time to admit that, don't you think?

>>> "How do you explain him [LHO] denying the deed?" <<<

Most real killers like to separate themselves from their crimes.
Oswald relished the attention. Even one of the DPD detectives said
that. (I think it was James R. Leavelle.) He thought Oswald was
enjoying all the attention he was getting and all the turmoil he had
caused by killing two people in cold blood on Nov. 22nd.

Sure, Oswald wanted to be important on the world stage. He wanted to
do something that changed the world. And he wanted to do something
that people would remember him for.

And guess what, Rob? He succeeded on all three of those counts....if
you just stop to think about it for a minute.

>>> "And claiming to be a patsy?" <<<

Just part of the game Oswald was playing with his captors. He was
aiming that remark at the DPD anyway....not at the people who
supposedly "set him up" as the fall guy before the assassination. Why
can't you see the distinction of that?

Therefore, the kooks can't even win the "I'm just a patsy" debate
(unless you really want to think that the DPD was framing Oz for TWO
murders well in ADVANCE of November 22nd just because of the fact
Oswald "lived in the Soviet Union", which is precisely the reason that
Oswald himself gave for being "taken in" and for being used as a

So, was Oswald ONLY telling the truth when he uttered that one word --
"patsy" -- but he was lying about the REASON he said he was being turned
into that patsy? Is that what you want to believe?

>>> "I think I have proved I am your intellectual superior on many occassions [sic] here." <<<

Except when trying to spell "occasions".

Oh, btw, LOL time for your last hunk of hilarity. (I'm being told I'm
intellectually inferior by a nutcase who loves to say "LHO SHOT NO
ONE". I've almost reached my "Irony" capacity for today.)

>>> "Almost nothing you write is your own opinion." <<<

Goodie! The kook's still without a base hit in 2007!

Better start reading the stuff at the website below then:

>>> "They were afraid of him [Jim Garrison] because he was on the right track." <<<

Jim Garrison made a mockery of justice by trying to convict a man he
knew had zilch to do with the murder of the President.

Garrison was pure slime. Top to bottom.

But at least you have a "Mellen" you can latch on to. She'll keep
propping Mr. Slimeball up from time to time so you won't lose faith in
good ol' Jimbo.

Just never read Garrison's 1967 Playboy article (it might make you
cry...or reach orgasm...I'm not sure which, since you're such an
Anybody-But-Oswald nut).

"Instead of referring to [Clay] Shaw (or "the defendant") a great number of times as he tried to connect him to the conspiracy and murder, as any prosecutor would do if he believed the person he was prosecuting was guilty, unbelievably Garrison only referred to Shaw ONCE in his entire summation, and then not to say that the evidence showed he was guilty. NOT ONCE did Garrison tell the jury he had proved Shaw's guilt or that the evidence pointed toward Shaw's guilt." -- Vince Bugliosi; Page 1380 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

>>> "They attacked his [Garrison's] service record, they claimed he was gay, they claimed he didn't really care about the dead president, as his only goal was fame for himself. They exaggerated things that he said. .... They basically did the old character assassination tactics." <<<

Oh, cry me a fucking river! (Pass me the Garrison-embossed Kleenex,
Mr. Kook.)

If anyone's "character" ever deserved to be "assassinated", it was the
character of Earling Carrothers Garrison.

But, it seems fitting of your own character to defend Garrison's. I wouldn't
have expected anything less from you.

(Current Rob Batting Average: .000.)

>>> "Well, I don't personally think there was a man in the sewer." <<<

Hey! You just managed to foul a pitch off! Pretty soon you might have
your very first base hit!

>>> "But that brings up a good question: why were the manhole covers not welded shut? They are supposed to be by protocol." <<<

Yeah, kinda like that impossible-to-enforce Secret Service rule about
there being "no open windows" anywhere along the President's motorcade
route, right?

Just...not...doable. Period. (Fletcher Prouty's absurdities notwithstanding.)

>>> "You are forgetting the main point here: [Johnny] Carson was out to discredit him [King Garrison] up front." <<<

And Johnny did a damn fine job of it too.

For that I say -- Hail Johnny!!

"Mort Sahl got him [Garrison] on the Johnny Carson show on January 31, 1968. Johnny may have been a comedian, but he had a good, solid head on his shoulders, and he could spot a phony, or at least an empty vessel, when he saw one." -- Vince Bugliosi; Pages 1369-1370 of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)

>>> "Again, like Marina, he [Robert Oswald] was afraid for his life." <<<

Oh? Robert Oswald told you this personally, did he? First I've heard
of that. (Luckily, though, we have "Triple-Zero" Caprio setting the
record straight about so many different things surrounding 11/22/63.)

>>> "Any testimony he [Robert Oswald] gave is suspect." <<<

That's the kook in you talking (again).

And the Robert Oswald quote I provided earlier wasn't "testimony".
It was said by Robert in the year 2003, for heaven's sake.

~sigh time~

BTW, you just struck out. Again.

C'mon, at least get hit by a pitch every now and then. This is
getting too easy.

>>> "Furthermore, from what I have read over the years they [Robert & Lee Oswald] weren't that close." <<<

Ah! You just fouled off another pitch. But, while it's true that they weren't
really, really "close", they were still blood brothers, and Lee did look up to
his big brother as a kid (especially after Robert joined the Marines). That
was the main reason that Lee wanted to join the Marine Corps in the first
place, because his big brother had joined. Plus, of course, to get away
from that kook of a mother they both had. That's one of the main reasons
Robert join the Marines too, in fact.

Maybe we shouldn't underestimate the unseen powers of "brotherhood".
When Robert visited Lee in jail that weekend in November 1963, Robert
could see that Lee was probably guilty. And Robert never seemed to
waver from that initial first feeling.

>>> "Remember, Lee was gone a lot doing his intelligence work." <<<

And Robert Caprio had a camera right there focused on Lee the whole time,
watching LHO sneaking off on his clandestine meetings to do "intelligence"
work for the Government (or whatever other made-up organization Rob
thinks might be appropriate to insert into the fairy tale today; the
"Oddfellows" maybe?).

>>> "Anyone over the age of 10 can tell you it is impossible for LHO to have done this all by himself." <<<

I see. I guess the Warren Commission was made up of all 9-year-olds then.

And I can tell Vince Bugliosi that he's young again once more!

>>> "There are also those pesky other attempts on JFK's life in the weeks prior to Dallas. How does this compute on your radar?" <<<

They'd compute better if there was just some semblance of PROOF that
any "attempts" had actually been made on JFK's life in those other
cities (Chicago, Tampa, or Miami).

There is the guy who was caught with a carload of ammunition and
weapons. But where's the TIE-IN TO DALLAS with respect to that
apparent ONE-MAN operation? There is none.

Furthermore, how does that incident of the guy with weapons in his
trunk tie in (in any fashion) to any of the colorful characters that the
CTers believe DID kill Kennedy in Dallas? Answer: It doesn't. At all.

It was another kook/loner who MIGHT have tried to kill JFK before
11/22/63. But, since he was grabbed well ahead of time, we'll never
know if he would have tried something or not.

It's just too bad that James P. Hosty was sleeping on the job in
November 1963. He was just about the only person in Dallas (except
Marina, who already knew of Lee's capacity to take a human life via
the Walker murder attempt in April) who possibly could have made a
significant difference in the way things turned out in Dealey Plaza.

Unfortunately, though, Hosty (as of November) didn't know about the
Walker attempt, and he had no really good reason to suspect that
Oswald was a danger to the President.

The rest is (tragic) history.

>>> "He [LHO] wanted to be someone so bad that after pulling off what every expert rifleman in the world said they couldn't do, he claims he is innocent and just a patsy. How does this make any sense?" <<<

Already explained earlier. Oswald did want to be "somebody". And by
SUCCESSFULLY KILLING THE PRESIDENT and then basking in the turmoil and
chaos and undivided attention that he ultimately received, he GOT HIS

Why is that impossible to understand?

Oswald wanted to be "somebody". But he wanted to be a LIVING somebody
at the same time. He was not suicidal. And the Tippit killing demonstrates
that amply.

>>> "He [Robert Oswald] likes breathing..." <<<

And so too did his brother, Lee. (Just like I said above.)

>>> "His [Robert Oswald's] words don't mean much, as it is impossible for LHO to do what they said." <<<

Strike three! (Yet again.)

>>> "Who respects him [Vincent Bugliosi]?" <<<

Many, many people.

I wonder who respects Robert Caprio though? (The opposing pitchers in
this JFK Ballgame love you, though; because you're an automatic
strikeout every time up.)

>>> "He [Bugliosi] hasn't tried a case in like, what? 20 years?" <<<

So what?

(Strike 1.)

>>> "He [Bugliosi] is washed up." <<<


(Strike 2.)

>>> "And if he [VB] didn't write this loser book ["Reclaiming History"] no one would be talking about him now." <<<

Hit the pine, kook.

(Strike 3!)

>>> "I would love to give you a spelling test offline. I'm sure you are not really that good at spelling either." <<<

Yet another wrong answer from Robby-boy.

>>> "I don't use a program to spell check on this board..." <<<

Nor do I.

>>> "We know he ["Always Innocent" Oswald] didn't shoot JFK or J.D. Tippit." <<<

Another classic quote to add to Rob's ever-growing list of idiotic statements.
Thanks. Your "idiot" file is already enormous. Nice job.

>>> "But he [Patsy Oswald] did shoot himself in the marines." <<<

That's funny, I thought it was another part of his body. (Where's the
"Marines"? Is that near the big toe someplace?)


>>> "Your full name is Dave of Dumb." <<<

That doesn't even earn you a final foul tip, Robby my man. It's a

I wonder what kind of silly manager keeps sending a boob up to the
plate who hasn't gotten a base hit the whole season?

I'll ponder that question as Rob "LHO Shot No One" Caprio whimpers
back to the dugout, bat in hand (as usual), after being demolished
once more on the JFK field of reality.

David Von Pein
November 2007