(PART 63)


>>> "The LN world tries to say all of us who do not accept the official version of history are "kooks". .... This is done to attack the person rather than the context of what they are saying." <<<


No it isn't. Can't you get anything right?

You're only called a kook because you say stupid shit like:

"LHO shot no one" and "No one saw LHO do anything."

Those two quotes right there earn you your "kook" label.

It's the stupid and dead-wrong things you believe and say that earn
you the "kook" label, for Pete sake. It's not YOU personally. To any
reasonable person, this is quite obvious, of course.

>>> "The LN gameplan is to make the person irrelevant and by association their point of view." <<<

That statement is stupid (and backwards), of course. It's the "point-
of-view" of JFK conspiracy theorists that is first and foremost
"irrelevant". (What a stupid article you chose to prop up here. Hilarious.)

>>> "Conspiracy theories begin when someone notices that the explanations do not fit the facts." <<<


The JFK conspiracists pretty much invent their own set of "facts"
surrounding the entire Kennedy murder case (and Tippit's murder
too). It's been that way for years.


When the CTers continue to believe stupid crap forever and ever,
even after these things have been fully explained in non-shady
ways....like the "Mauser" controversy; and the "Automatic vs.
Revolver" debate; and Dr. Perry's initial thoughts about JFK's throat
wound being a wound of entry; etc., etc. to infinity.

And if anyone thinks they can get a reasonable explanation out of a
JFK Conspiracy Kook who belongs in the "Anybody But Oswald" camp
when assessing the kook's version of the "facts" in the case, they're
dreaming. Because a CT-Kook's "facts" are far from being actual facts.
(Again, this is quite obvious as well.)

Vince B. put it quite accurately (and succinctly) when he said:

"Waiting for the conspiracy theorists to tell the truth is a little like leaving the front-porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa." -- Vince Bugliosi

David Von Pein
November 23, 2007