(PART 70)


>>> "Where were the bullet [CE399] and the fragments [CE567 & CE569] found?? Were they removed from the body of the victim, or were they found in a remote location far removed from the body? If they were not removed from the body of the victim, and found in some remote place far removed from the body, how do you know they are the bullets that killed the victim??" <<<


Yeah, I guess I should start believing one of these two things:

1.) CE399, CE567, and CE569 were planted by one or more unknown,
unseen evidence-manipulators.


2.) Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle just happened to be used in a DIFFERENT
shooting on 11/22/63, with this OTHER shooting event resulting in Bullet
CE399 being found in the very same hospital where JFK and Governor
Connally were transported.

I've tried mightily to come up with a "CT Kook's Goofy Alternative"
scenario with respect to CE567 & CE569 being found inside the
limousine on the same day when JFK & JBC were shot....but I'm having a
difficult time pretending to be one of you conspiracy-happy kooks when
it comes to making up some kind of alternate version of the obvious
truth regarding those two important pieces of bullet evidence.

But perhaps Walt The Kook can help me out here. -- Maybe those
fragments were ALREADY inside the car at some previous time before the
assassination, huh? And nobody noticed them until after Kennedy was

Yeah, try using that theory, Walt. It's just about as goofy as the
rest of your canned conspiracy tripe.

>>> "You know the evidence indicates that LHO could not have traveled from the rooming house to 10th and Patton in two or three minutes. You just don't want to admit that that FACT exonerates Oswald." <<<

Sure, that particular fact would, indeed, exonerate your favorite
patsy of the Tippit murder -- but ONLY if you can somehow establish
with 100% certainty that the "1:06" time for the murder that you kooks
love to precariously cling to is positively correct.

Plus, you would also need to (somehow) prove beyond a reasonable doubt
that Earlene Roberts' estimation about Oswald staying in his room "3
or 4 minutes" is 100% accurate AND that Oswald left his roominghouse
at exactly 1:03 or 1:04 PM.

In actuality, of course, not a single one of those "timeline" items
mentioned above can be locked down with absolute to-the-minute
precision. They're all estimations.

And, as we all know, OTHER EVIDENCE (and plenty of it) completely
trumps and destroys the "1:06" timeline that CTers embrace.

But, when you're an idiot like Walt, the subjective and approximated
timelines given by witnesses somehow trump the harder, more verifiable
evidence, such as the four bullet shells from Oswald's very own gun
and the numerous witnesses who said it was Oswald who was on Tenth
Street when Tippit died.

>>> "Actually, the MC [Mannlicher-Carcano] cost $19.95. An error on your part." <<<

No, it wasn't an error on my part at all. The $21.45 gun cost that I
previously mentioned is totally accurate. Because that's what it cost
Lee Harvey Oswald to obtain Rifle #C2766 -- $21.45 (including the
$1.50 for postage and handling).


David Von Pein
November 2007