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If you want a few hearty belly laughs, take a listen to this episode of James Fetzer's "The Real Deal" Internet radio podcast from January 23, 2012, in which Jim talks with another conspiracy kook, a fellow by the name of James Norwood.

Here are some of the funniest excerpts that I saved in a separate audio file:

In the excerpts above, the two conspiracy nuts named Fetzer and Norwood go on and on about how the Zapruder Film has been faked. And among the many alterations that were done to the film (according to the two conspiracy nuts on the radio program) is some fakery involving the several female witnesses who were lined up along the north side of Elm Street as JFK was being assassinated.

According to Fetzer, the ladies we see lining Elm Street in the Zapruder movie were actually filmed PRIOR to President Kennedy's car turning the corner from Houston Street to Elm.

The reason Kook Fetzer thinks that that particular part of Zapruder's home movie is a forgery is because none of the women appears to be reacting to the President being on Elm at that time. Therefore, per Fetzer, the images of those women must have been edited into the current (faked) version of the film at a later time.

Of course, Fetzer doesn't bother to explain WHY in the world any film-fakers would have any desire (or need) to fake the images of the women lining Elm Street. After all, weren't those SAME WOMEN still standing there, in pretty much the very same place, when JFK's car was really on Elm Street that day?

Therefore, why would the conspirators feel the need to insert different PRE-motorcade images of those same people into the film? Fetzer doesn't say. He just tells us that he knows for a fact that the images of those witnesses have been altered in some fashion, even though it makes no logical sense whatsoever to want to fake that area of the film.

That's the type of senseless, mindless drivel that people have to endure when they cue up an episode of Jim Fetzer's "Real Deal" radio show. And Fetzer's and Norwood's other comments about the additional things they think have been altered and faked in the Zapruder Film are equally as hilarious.

Plus, Professor Fetzer once again informs his listeners of his off-the-wall belief concerning the number of bullets that Fetzer thinks struck the body of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. This is what Fetzer said (and he has said this on many other occasions as well):

"We know that JFK was hit at least four times." -- James H. Fetzer; January 23, 2012 [Audio here]

Fetzer, in another audio excerpt provided here, also says that Frank Sturgis was a gunman in the Book Depository (on the west side of the building) and that the bullet which hit JFK in the upper back was fired from the top of the County Records Building by a Dallas Deputy Sheriff named Harry Weatherford.

It's fairly obvious, of course, that Professor Fetzer doesn't give a hoot about the fact that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that even remotely suggests that Harry Weatherford was shooting at people in the President's limousine on 11/22/63. Fetzer has merely pulled his insane theory about Weatherford out of thin air--and out of his very fertile (and strange) imagination.

For those who are interested, Deputy Weatherford filled out this official Sheriff's Department Supplementary Investigation Report on 11/23/63. Weatherford's report begins with these words:

"On Friday, November 22, 1963, at about 12:30 PM, I was standing in front of the Sheriff's Office watching the Presidential Motorcade."

David Von Pein
February 20, 2012