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We owe a debt of gratitude to DVP for that two-frame clip [below] which shows JFK and JBC both raising their right hands in perfect unison a fraction of a second after CE399 tore through their torsos. To me, that is the clincher for the SBT.

DVP also shows a similar clip from Z224-225 which shows that in that sequence JFK's right hand was still moving down. It was at the next frame, Z226, that his right hand suddenly reversed direction and started moving up, the same frame JBC's right hand moves upward. Both men reacted simultaneously to the same stimulus.

For the benefit of the nitpickers, one in particular, they weren't actually struck simultaneously. It was a couple milliseconds apart. That one particular nitpicker will also claim that we are again moving the frame at which the single bullet struck because he doesn't bother to read for comprehension and can't figure out we are talking about the frame the two men reacted, as opposed to the frame at which the bullet struck.


So, when does your bullet hit? Z-221?

Next week it'll be Z-220.


Yet another video play that needs to be ignored. It appears that JFK is moving his hand up to his throat when the shot hit there, but Connally could be doing anything, no guarantee he is reacting to a bullet. Since the SBT is proven to be dead, it can't be from the same bullet.


It's this type of COMPLETE DENIAL that forces conspiracy fantasists like Anthony and Chris to reject the SBT, even though those CTers have got to know there is no reasonable substitute theory that can possibly supplant the single-bullet conclusion.

This type of almost unbelievable CTer denial regarding the SBT is something that reached its pinnacle (for me anyway) when I was discussing Governor Connally's Z-Film reactions with various SBT Deniers at The Education Forum in 2015 [below]....




Why are you posting a link to a thread in which you deleted ALL of Holmes' arguments, and then posted unsupported ridicule?

Snip 'n run is what cowards do David - kinda like attacking someone in a forum where you know they don't post or attacking them in a blog in which you permit no dissent.

I disagree with [Ben] Holmes on numerous things but in ACJ, I attacked his arguments with evidence and reason.

The fact that you are apparently incapable of doing that is not something to brag about, David. It says far more about you than it does you[r] adversaries.


I posted the material that way because that's the way I wanted to post it, Bob. Sorry if it bothers you.

I posted (via a link) ALL of Ben Holmes' arguments should anyone want to read them. I then posted my reply to Ben's post IN TOTAL.

It's difficult to argue with a CTer who ONLY places unsupportable guesswork and crackpot theories on the table, like Ben Holmes does every time he posts something about the JFK case, with a prime example of the kind of guesswork I'm talking about being shown below:

"My guess would be into Dr. Humes' pocket." -- Ben Holmes

How the heck is a reasonable person supposed to respond to such unsupportable crap like the quote of Ben's above? About the only thing I can say to such a goofy allegation is to say to the CTer exactly what I did say to him, which was this:

"Via the above humorous response, Holmes is pretending that he's got enough evidence to make Dr. James J. Humes one of the prime "plotters" in the imaginary conspiracy and cover-up. Needless to say, Holmes actually has NO evidence whatsoever to back up such an outrageous accusation against Dr. Humes. But having no evidence at all never stopped a determined JFK conspiracy theorist." -- DVP

Bob, how would YOU have responded to Ben Holmes after he had just told you that he thinks Dr. Humes shoved two bullets in his pocket after having removed them from the body of the dead President?


Come to think of it, Robert Harris is exactly the same as Ben Holmes in the "unsupportable guesswork" department. Which makes it nearly impossible to have a reasonable discussion with Bob either. (Although I have tried--several times.)


Wow, what a brave man you [DVP] are, blowing down that straw man all by yourself! But then you are afraid to answer questions here.


Okay. Ask me a question, Tony. Any question. Let's see how "afraid" ol' DVP is.


1. Do you believe in the Single Bullet Theory and if so, which one at what frame, and why?

2. Do you agree with my proof that the Zapruder film is authentic, and if not, why?

3. Do you agree with my analysis of the acoustical evidence, and if not, why?

4. Do you know that Richard Helms lied to President Kennedy about an intelligence matter?

5. What are the words which were scratched out on this document?

6. Do you think one shot missed? When was it fired? What exact frame? Where did it go? What did it hit? Why did it miss? Show me this bullet. What caliber was it? What weapon fired it? From where?

7. What caused the mark on the curb near Tague? Was it a direct hit by a bullet or was it hit by a fragment? What type of bullet, what type of fragment? How much did the fragment weigh? Assuming it was a lead fragment (lack of copper in the smear), how many parts per million of antimony did it have?

8. How many grains of bullet lead were deposited in JFK's head by a bullet and how many remain today?

9. How many grains of bullet lead were deposited in Connally's body and how many are still in his body today? What are the antimony levels?

10. What blood group type is the stain on the windshield? Does the DNA match JFK or Connally?

11. The two large fragments recovered in the limo add up to about 41% of the normal weight of an Oswald bullet. What happened to the rest of the bullet?


My answers to Tony Marsh's 11 inquiries:

#1. Yes. Z224 is the frame. Here's why: Single-Bullet-Theory.blogspot.com.

#2. I've never read your so-called "proof", Tony. Sorry. But, yes, of course I think the Z-Film is authentic. IMO, it's impossible for it NOT to be authentic (unless Abraham Zapruder himself was a major co-conspirator and a huge liar --- and I know of NO ONE who thinks that he was, not even staunch alterationists).

#3. I've never seen your "analysis" of the acoustical evidence, Tony. Sorry. But I have seen many of your aaj posts on the subject, in which you seem to still place a lot of faith in the HSCA's now-wholly-debunked acoustical information. I don't know how anybody could place any faith in it after the results of the 1982 NAS study were made public (and also after Dale Myers destroyed the acoustical crap with his own work). But, oh yes, you like to pretend Dale K. Myers is nothing but a big fat liar, don't you Tony? So, naturally, anything Dale has ever said is not worth listening to, right? However, even without looking at any of Dale Myers' work, it's pretty easy to debunk the acoustics evidence of the "4th shot"....

#4. Even if he did, so what? Is that supposed to provide some clue as to who murdered the President in Dallas?

#5. Probably "the Governor's arm".

#6. Yes, one shot missed. It was, IMO, the first shot fired by Oswald. It occurred at approximately Zapruder Film frame #160, IMO. It struck the oak tree in front of the TSBD, IMO. The bullet then splintered and separated, IMO, with the lead portion being deflected toward the Triple Underpass, striking the curb of Main Street, causing a piece of the bullet or a fragment of the concrete curb to fly up and strike James T. Tague. The copper jacket portion of this bullet, IMO, struck the Elm Street pavement (just behind President Kennedy's limousine), causing sparks to be seen by multiple eyewitnesses in Dealey Plaza. No part of this bullet was recovered. It was 6.5-mm. WCC/MC bullet fired from Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle #C2766. It was fired from the southeast corner of the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building on the corner of Elm and Houston Streets, Dallas, Texas, USA. It was fired at approximately 12:30:09 PM CST on Friday, 11/22/63 AD. Weather conditions: sunny, mild, and windy. Temperature: 66°F. Barometric pressure: Approx. 30.09 inches of mercury at the instant of the shot. (For the exact barometer reading, consult the National Weather Service, Bureau of Statistics, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.) Amount of money in Lee Harvey Oswald's pockets at the moment the first shot was fired: $15.20 (see if you can figure out how I arrived at this precise cash figure).

Also see the articles here and here.

#7. See #6 above. As far as the PPM of antimony --- It is my opinion that the "Tague fragment" contained exactly 791 PPM of antimony. (But I might be off by 4 or 5 PPM.) :-)

#8. Nobody knows the exact number. (And neither does Anthony Marsh, no matter what he says.)

#9. The total amount of bullet lead deposited in John Connally's body was very small, possibly as little as 1.0 or 1.5 grains. The number of individual metal fragments left inside his body when he was buried in 1993 could very well have been as low as two (as I discuss in this article).

#10. I haven't the slightest idea what the blood type is of the windshield stain. Do you know, Tony?

#11. A small amount of that bullet (which was the Head Shot bullet) ended up under Nellie's jump seat. And a small amount ended up in John Kennedy's head. And there were the two large front-seat fragments (CE567 and CE569). The remainder of the bullet obviously exited the limousine and ended up in Dealey Plaza somewhere, where it was never recovered. The fact that over 50% of that bullet was not recovered is something that I don't think is unusual or strange in any way. Given the circumstances of that bullet striking the President's head, then fragmenting into pieces of various size, with the majority of the bullet then exiting his head, I don't think we could expect the entire bullet to be found after the shooting.

David Von Pein
March 9, 2017
March 7-10, 2017