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Hey David! I was looking at BWF [Buell Wesley Frazier] and LMR's [Linnie Mae Randle's] testimony and found an anomaly maybe you can shed some light on (as we know, any anomaly is seen by the conspiracy hobbyists as malevolent).

First, what I was looking for was the probable route Oswald took from the Paine's to the Randle residence, to see what opportunity Oswald would have had to ditch any incriminating material he might have had, mainly the box the bullets came from. He might have had them stored in the clip, or he might have had the box with the 4 bullets in the bag, which would lead me to think it ended up in the TSBD somewhere.

It doesn`t seem like they really checked trash cans and things the way they might today, especially a case like this. In any case, I was looking at the area using Google Earth and it seems there was a drainage ditch running down the side of the Paine's place. It was a short walk to the corner (one house) and then catty corner over to the Randle carport where LMR saw Oswald cross with the bag.

Seems all these areas, including around the carport, would be scoured today, but I don't see evidence that any of this was done at the time.


You can find pictures of 5th Street and the Paine and Randle homes in Commission Document No. 497.

Interestingly, in that picture I linked to above, several trash cans can be seen out near the curb on 5th Street. (The photos must have been taken on trash day.)

I wonder if Friday was "Trash Day" on Fifth Street in Irving? ~shrug~

Anyway, when the topic has been brought up in the past as to what Lee Oswald did with the leftover paper that he swiped from Troy West's mail-wrapping station at the TSBD, I have speculated that he likely just tossed the unused paper (assuming there was anything leftover after he constructed his homemade bag) in one of Ruth Paine's trash cans in her house or in the garage.

I don't recall reading any testimony by anyone saying that Ruth Paine's trash cans were thoroughly searched for bits of leftover brown paper (or for empty bullet boxes). So it's quite possible (even likely, IMO) that Oswald merely threw away any such trash into a trash can right there in Ruth's house or garage.


Yes, I was looking at that [photo in CD497] and then I went to Google Earth and looked around. That photo shows the rain runoff to the left of the driveway I was talking about, in recent times it has a cover across the pavement.

If he [LHO] picked up a gun-cleaning kit, that might also need to be gotten rid of.

You gotta wonder what purpose there was for covering his tracks, though. He had to figure going out that he was going to be caught red-handed if he took shots or caught beforehand with the rifle.

In any case, this is the anomaly I found....

When asked where he lived, BWF said...

"2439 West Fifth Street."

Which is the correct address. When LMR was asked where she lived, she said...

"2438 Westfield, Irving, Tex."

Any thoughts?


The correct address, as you mentioned, is definitely 2439 West Fifth Street. And the correct address appears on Linnie Mae Randle's 11/22/63 affidavit.

As well as Buell Wesley Frazier's affidavit.

As for why that "Westfield" error appears in Linnie Mae Randle's Warren Commission testimony....

I'm wondering if the stenographer wrote it down wrong? Maybe Linnie Mae really said the street name correctly -- West FIFTH -- but the stenographer (for some reason) thought she said WestFIELD. ~shrug~

As for why Linnie Mae would have gotten her house number wrong (2438 instead of the correct number, 2439), I haven't the foggiest idea. It's kind of strange, isn't it? Everybody knows their own street address by heart. And to have two address errors made by the person who actually lives at that residence is odd indeed.

Also, my above "stenographer's error" explanation doesn't explain a further anomaly in Mrs. Randle's Warren Commission session (at 2 H 245), when the WC's Joe Ball repeated the "Westfield" error when he asked:

"That was before you moved down the street to the corner of Westfield and Fifth Street?"

In answering Ball's question, Randle made no attempt to correct Ball's reference to "Westfield" at all. So she either thought the error wasn't important enough to correct or she was mighty confused about the names of the streets that she lived on.

For the record --- The correct name of the cross street where Randle lived was "Westbrook", not "Westfield". And Mrs. Randle even mentions "Westbrook" one time in her WC testimony, when she said (speaking of seeing Lee Oswald on the morning of 11/22/63) -- "He crossed Westbrook." [2 H 248]

David Von Pein
February 25, 2017