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It is a ridiculous contention that the kill shot was from the rear.


But it's even more ridiculous to use Carlos Hathcock and Craig Roberts as some kind of proof that the head shot came from the front (as you are doing).

By far the best evidence to determine if the head shot was a REAR shot or a FRONTAL shot is the autopsy of President Kennedy. That's what autopsies are for--to determine things like: How many bullets hit the victim and from what direction those bullets were fired.

And the autopsy (plus the testimony of all three autopsy surgeons) leaves no doubt about the direction of the head shot -- it entered JFK's head FROM BEHIND. The autopsy, plus the photos and X-rays, confirm that fact beyond all doubt. The back of JFK's skull was bevelled in such a way that eliminates the possibility of any frontal shot striking Kennedy's cranium. Why do so many CTers simply ignore the "bevelling" on JFK's skull? Why?

JFK's leading autopsy physician, Dr. James Humes, talks about the definitive nature of the bevelling (or "coning") aspect of the head wound in the 1967 CBS-TV video presented below:

And there's also this quote from Dr. Humes in 1992:

And we don't need Hathcock or Roberts to answer any questions about JFK's head wounds. The autopsy answers those questions--just like it's supposed to do. The President was struck by two bullets and only two bullets, and both of those missiles entered his body from behind. That's a provable fact. And anyone who says otherwise is just flat-out ignoring the best evidence in the case concerning John F. Kennedy's bullet wounds.


Hathcock stated that he and friends tried to duplicate the situation and they were unable to do it.


So what? Who cares? One man obviously did do it on 11/22/63 -- Lee Harvey Oswald. All kinds of evidence says he did it. Live with it.

Plus, we also know that multiple gunmen for CBS in 1967 were able to duplicate (or beat) Oswald's shooting performance. And those riflemen are shown (on film) pulling it off. [See the video below.]

I guess you must think that CBS is part of the cover-up too, eh Chris? CBS just lied like cheap rugs to the viewing audience in '67 when they said that some of those expert marksmen were able to hit the moving target twice in under 6 seconds. Right, Chris?


I consider that extremely important evidence [the Hathcock/Roberts stuff].


I don't. In fact, it's worthless. Hathcock and Roberts don't trump the much better evidence in this case. And you're not a reasonable person if you think they do.


Sorry, but you can't dismiss such experience just because it doesn't agree with what you would like to convince everyone about.


I don't need to "convince" anyone. The autopsy is the thing that does the convincing--not some nobody in Indiana named David Von Pein. And not a couple of snipers named Hathcock and Roberts either. I just merely point out the BEST evidence in the JFK case to conspiracy theorists who continually want to mangle and misrepresent that evidence.


I would rather take the comments of those three than just our little discussions here, or the WC trumped up baloney.


There's the rub right there, Chris. You've convinced yourself that the Warren Commission was nothing but "trumped up baloney". But that's merely speculation on your part. Nothing but a wild guess...and you know it.

And your beef here is really with Humes, Boswell, and Finck -- not the Warren Commission. Because the WC didn't conduct JFK's autopsy at Bethesda. And the WC didn't tell Dr. Humes what to say in front of the CBS-TV cameras in 1967.

Chris -- do you really and truly believe that Dr. Humes was full of shit when he said what he said about President Kennedy's wounds in the above video? Do you really believe that Humes was lying his ass off in that CBS video?

And did Humes then continue the lies and deception about JFK's wounds when he testified in front of two more Government panels in 1978 (HSCA) and 1996 (ARRB)?

Do you REALLY think Humes was lying ALL of those times? Decade after decade? And Boswell too? And Finck? Because none of those autopsy doctors ever ONCE changed their basic opinion about the direction from which the shots came that struck President Kennedy. All of those doctors ALWAYS maintained that JFK was struck by only two bullets, with both bullets coming from above and behind the President's car.

So, unless you really do want to propose a theory that has ALL THREE of the autopsy surgeons telling lie after lie (for years on end), then one thing becomes abundantly clear --- Chris is dead wrong and the autopsy report is correct about JFK's head wounds.

Period. End of story.

David Von Pein
January 18, 2012
February 11, 2017