A little about Jesse Ventura's November 2010 JFK episode of his TruTV series "Conspiracy Theory":

Many of the same old myths, long ago debunked, were dragged out by Jesse Ventura for his TruTV "Conspiracy Theory" episode about the assassination of President Kennedy (embedded below, in three parts), such as the nonsense about Lee Harvey Oswald not being able to pull off the shooting of JFK in the time that was allotted him.

Ventura, however, for some reason didn't stick to the oft-used myth of LHO having only 5.6 seconds to get off his three shots with his Mannlicher-Carcano. Instead, Jesse pulled a different figure out of thin air: 6.3 seconds.

So, I will give Ventura credit for adding seven-tenths of a second to the timing myth, although I have no idea where he came up with his "6.3 seconds" figure.

The Warren Commission, of course, was never boxing itself in to accepting a shooting timeline of only 5.6 seconds (or even 6.3), and Page 117 of the Warren Report easily disproves the often-repeated "5.6 seconds" myth, with the Commission stating, plain as day, that if either the FIRST or the THIRD shot was the shot that missed President Kennedy (which the Commission certainly did not rule out), then the time for the entire shooting would therefore increase accordingly, up to a possible 7.9 seconds, per the Warren Commission's investigation.

Ventura himself made three attempts (on camera) to duplicate Oswald's shooting performance (which Jesse said was 6.3 seconds). In his first attempt, Jesse did everything he could to make firing his Carcano seem like it was more difficult than building the Pyramids, and as a result of this obvious stretched-out fakery, Jesse's first time was a ridiculous 11.17 seconds.

He then did get better on his second and third attempts, scoring times of 8.84 seconds and 8.79 seconds for three shots (while, as he admitted, achieving multiple "hits" on the target below him, including a "head shot" too).

Now, when we examine the truth regarding the actual amount of time that Lee Harvey Oswald had on 11/22/63 to get off his three shots at the President from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, which was very likely a total time of approximately 8.4 seconds, and then compare that figure with the last two attempts made by ex-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, we can see that Jesse came very close to Oswald's time -- missing LHO's 8.4-second time by only about four-tenths of a second.

And Jesse said that his three attempts at duplicating Oswald's feat were "nowhere near" Oswald's time. Ventura also said: "This is fucking impossible!"

Bullshit, Jesse. And you (unintentionally) proved that Oswald's feat was not impossible when you got off three shots (with some hits) in only 8.84 and 8.79 seconds. And that even INCLUDES Jesse's sluggishness with the Carcano bolt-action rifle he was using.

And it doesn't really matter whether Jesse was merely pretending to have trouble with the gun, or whether he was, in fact, legitimately having a difficult time working the bolt, the results are still the same -- Ventura fired three REAL, LIVE bullets with a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle in just about exactly the same amount of time that Lee Oswald did on November 22, 1963.

This old "it's impossible" trick reminds me of a similar goof in Oliver Stone's movie "JFK", which contains a scene that has Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) and one of his assistants making the claim that Oswald could not have done the shooting in under 6 seconds. But when actor Jay Sanders actually performed his shooting test with the camera rolling, what happened? He dry-fired three shots with a Carcano in 5.5 seconds (with Costner then proceeding to tell the lie in the movie that it took his assistant "between 6 [and] 7 seconds" to dry-fire the three shots, which is just an outright falsehood)! Ya gotta love it.

Ventura also resurrects the "Three Tramps" myth, pretending that the tramps were somehow involved in Kennedy's murder in some way, all the while ignoring the fact that the arrest records for the three tramps were discovered years ago, with the tramps turning out to be just that -- tramps.

And then there's the crap about George H.W. Bush possibly being photographed in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63.

And we're also treated to a guest appearance by conspiracy quack Jim Marrs, who wants Ventura's audience to swallow the notion that Lee Oswald went to the Texas Theater to meet a "contact" on November 22nd, and then the rug was pulled out from under "patsy" Oswald in the theater as some unnamed co-plotter called the cops and had Oswald picked up.

Naturally, Marrs and Ventura will completely ignore the truth regarding Oswald's arrest. With the truth being: ordinary civilian witnesses Johnny Brewer and Julia Postal were the people who were directly responsible for Oswald being arrested in the Texas Theater, with Postal being the one who called the police shortly after Oswald sneaked into the theater without paying.

I think it's time to call "Mythbusters" after watching this Ventura propaganda piece.

Still More Crap:

Ventura decides to ignore the multiple witnesses who positively identified Oswald as the killer of Officer J.D. Tippit, with Jesse wondering why Oswald would have thrown down the shell casings at the Tippit murder scene. It was just "too pat", "too easy", and "too perfect", according to crack investigator Ventura, even though witnesses at the scene saw Oswald, HIMSELF, dumping the shells from his own gun as he fled the scene.

But it's best to ignore the best evidence if you're a conspiracy theorist like Jesse Ventura. And, as usual, Ventura does just that. He ignores all of the best evidence, in favor of rumor, speculation, and the conspiracy theories of kooks like Jim Marrs and James Fetzer. (God help Ventura's audience.)

And, of course, the proverbial "back and to the left" stuff is dragged out of the closet again too, with Ventura totally ignoring the fact that JFK's head initially moved FORWARD at the moment of the bullet's impact. Naturally, though, his audience is never told that fact.

In summary, Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" episode on the JFK assassination is one great-big steaming pile of recycled and rehashed conspiracy-flavored garbage.

David Von Pein
November 25, 2010