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INDISPUTABLE Evidence for Harvey & Lee -- Oswald was missing a FRONT TOOTH, but his exhumed body was not! NEW EVIDENCE FOUND.

This topic has been debated before. But I have since discovered evidence that proves young Oswald had a prosthetic (artificial) tooth, held in place with a dental bridge. This in spite of the fact that the Oswald killed by Jack Ruby had all natural teeth and no place where a prosthetic tooth could fit. We know this because his body was exhumed in 1981 and we can see in the exhumation photographs that his teeth were all natural and still in place.

It is of no surprise to me that Oswald had a prosthetic tooth. After all, there is plenty of evidence that his front incisor was knocked out in a fist fight when he was in 9th grade. Before presenting the new evidence for the prosthesis, I will summarize the evidence for Oswald's tooth being knocked out....

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What is remarkable about Sandy’s presentation in this thread is the absurdity of the arguments against it that have been presented here by the usual anti-H&L ["Harvey & Lee"], CIA defenders here.

They want us to believe that LEE Oswald and Ed Voebel more than 60 years ago concocted a plot to blacken one of LEE Oswald’s teeth, photograph Oswald showing off the blackened tooth, and that Voebel would years later perjure himself in front of the Warren Commission by saying he thought Oswald lost a tooth.

What’s more, they want us to believe that the clear indication on a Marine Corps dental form that Oswald had a false tooth that failed in 1958 was actually a reference to liquid dental sealant, which absolutely no one defines as a prosthesis. Why?

Because the Norton Report showed that “Lee Harvey Oswald” had no false teeth. Case closed.



I think a somewhat reasonable interpretation of the above photo of Schoolboy Oswald is....

He's "mugging" for the camera with his head tilted slightly backward, as if he's deliberately trying to show off and display his smiling teeth.

Now, if Lee Oswald REALLY had one or more of his FRONT TEETH missing, what are the chances he would have a desire to "mug" and "ham it up" for a camera that he knows is pointed right at him? Was he PROUD of having some front teeth missing? Most people, given that unfortunate dental circumstance, would be trying their darndest to AVOID any cameras....and they'd be keeping their mouth SHUT most of the time to try and hide (as best they can) their dental predicament.

But, here, Lee Oswald is wanting to SHOW OFF his "deformity" (so to speak).

Therefore, I think at least one reasonable take on that picture (and on Oswald's possible, but not proven, seeming lack of front teeth in the photograph) is that Oswald's teeth have been artificially "blacked out" (licorice anyone?) and 15-year-old Lee was just having a little innocent fun in 9th-grade English class that day.

P.S. ....

BTW, as a side note for the people who continue to incorrectly believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was lefthanded....

Please take note of which of Oswald's two hands is holding his pencil in this picture.

BTW #2, here's the complete February 21, 1964, LIFE Magazine article featuring the Schoolboy Oswald picture. It's a fascinating portrait and bio on Oswald's life.


Wow David, I'm surprised by your take on the photo. Because right away I can think of boys from three groups of kids in my 9th grade class who would have proudly shown off a broken tooth or any other kind of significant injury. The "jocks," the "shit kickers," and the "hoods." LEE Oswald would have fit in with the jocks.


So, you're saying a "jock" would be happy and proud and full of glee about having his picture taken to advertise the fact that he, in essence, LOST A FIGHT to another boy and had a couple of teeth knocked clean out of his head by THE OTHER BOY, eh?

Call me Mr. Strange, but that type of attitude seems mighty odd to this writer---even for a "jock".

But, then, what do I know?


A broken tooth was a "badge of honor." It doesn't prove that you lost a fight. Being afraid of showing it is precisely what a tough guy wouldn't do, as that would be showing weakness.


Okay. Whatever you say.

David Von Pein
March 4-5, 2018