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I just grabbed a couple of items from your BS site and posted them here.....

[Walt quotes DVP:]

1.) Lee Harvey Oswald owned the rifle found on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository on Friday afternoon, November 22, 1963.

[End quote.]

You have not shown any PROOF of ownership. That claim is a lie.

[Walt again quotes DVP:]

2.) Oswald owned the handgun that was shown to have been used in the murder of Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit.

[End quote.]

This a flat out lie. The bullets that were retrieved from Tippit's body could NOT be traced to that pistol.

[Walt totally ignores the four spent cartridge cases that littered the ground at Tenth Street and Patton Avenue right after Officer Tippit was murdered. And those spent cartridges were manually removed from the Tippit murder weapon by none other than Lee Harvey Oswald himself. Funny how Walt wants to ignore those proven facts, isn't it? Walt will merely pretend the bullet shells were planted there, and he'll also pretend that all the witnesses misidentified the shell-dropper as Lee H. Oswald. How convenient for Walter. But, it's par for the course in the ever-popular "Anybody But Oswald" fantasy world that Walt resides in.]

[Walt again quotes DVP:]

3.) Oswald was positively identified by witness Howard L. Brennan as the person firing a rifle at JFK on 11/22/63. .... And to believe that Brennan was "influenced" by TV and newspaper reports showing Oswald before Brennan positively identified LHO, we must remember that Brennan's INITIAL description of the killer very closely matched Oswald, given to police within minutes of the shooting (prior to 12:44 PM).

[End quote.]

This is another blatant lie! Wow! Blasting these lies is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Howard Brennan gave a sworn written affidavit just an hour after the shooting. In that affidavit Brennan described the man he'd seen with a long barreled rifle as..... Quote..."he was a white man in his early thirties." LHO was in his early twenties. Brennan also said....Quote..."The man weighed about 165 to 175 pounds." LHO weighed 140 pounds. That's a BIG difference. Brennan also said, Quote.... "He had on light colored clothing." LHO was wearing DARK colored clothing. A reddish brown shirt and dark gray trousers.

The closing sentence of Howard Brennan's sworn affidavit says....Quote...."I believe that I could identify this man if I ever saw him again." Brennan saw LHO in a police line up just a couple of hours later and he told the police the man he'd seen with the hunting rifle was NOT in that line up.

Thank you for lying. It makes it so easy to refute your lies with facts.


I had a feeling [after posting this message] I'd get Walt all keyed up again by displaying some actual facts in the case. And, sure enough, just as certain as snow falling in Minneapolis in January, Walter was eager to jump in with both feet in his mouth (as usual).

How many more decades will Walt insist upon misrepresenting and mangling ALL of the evidence that exists in this case? Is there any statute of limitations on the retarded theories endlessly spouted by conspiracy clowns? It seems as though there isn't.

Walt's tired batch of worthless crackpottery should be a good indication to any newbie to illustrate the absurd lengths to which certain conspiracy nuts will go in order to promote impossible conspiracy theories relating to the death of President Kennedy.

And newbies and veterans alike should also marvel at Walt's consistent ability to use NO common sense and logical thinking skills at all when it comes to every part of the JFK murder case. And we need to also be in awe of his amazing ability to be WRONG about virtually every single thing he says about the way JFK died. (Walt, however, likely inherited his "Always Wrong" gene from his fellow conspiracy kooks who came before him--e.g., Mark Lane, Robert Groden, Jim Marrs, Jim Garrison, Jim Fetzer, Jim DiEugenio, Oliver Stone, et al.)

But no matter how many years pass, and no matter how many more useless posts get dropped into this archive of tumbleweeds here at the acj nuthouse, conspiracy clowns like Walter Cakebread will continue to exhibit their total inability to logically and reasonably evaluate any of the evidence associated with JFK's murder, as they perpetually utter blatant misrepresentations and half-assed theories that have no basis in fact or reality (or common sense) whatsoever.

For example:

Walt's continual bullshit about how there's no proof that Lee Oswald ever owned Carcano Rifle C2766, and no proof Oswald ever owned Revolver V510210, along with Walt's lackluster efforts to completely change and mangle beyond recognition the testimony of Howard L. Brennan (see the links here and here, in which I totally destroy Walt's theory about Brennan).

http://JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Howard Brennan
http://JFK-Archives.blogspot.com/Howard Brennan (Part 2)


It's such a shame that the Internet world has to be populated with so many people (like Walter C.) who possess no ability whatsoever for properly assessing evidence in the JFK assassination.

But, like it or not, that's the Internet world we live in right now. It's an Internet world where people are still claiming, in the year 2013, that Oswald was standing in the Depository doorway. And where people are still claiming that Bill Greer shot John Kennedy. And it's a world where one certain kook is still pretending that Howard Brennan's Warren Commission testimony (in some cryptic fashion which can only be deciphered by this one certain kook named Walter) indicates that Brennan saw a gunman on the WEST side of the Book Depository Building on November 22, 1963, instead of where all reasoned-thinking individuals know Brennan saw the sniper--the east end of the TSBD.

It would be so nice if the Internet world were filled with more people like Jean Davison, Bud, Tim Brennan, Dave Reitzes, John McAdams, and others like them who have the capacity for sensibly evaluating the totality of evidence in the JFK case.

It makes me wonder what the world of Internet JFK conspiracy-happy clowns will look like on the 100th anniversary of Kennedy's death in 2063? Will Walt's grandson be active on this forum, linking to 50-year-old archived messages written by his silly grandfather? I wouldn't bet against it.

David Von Pein
January 30-31, 2013