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The bald-faced lie told by Roger Craig, when he said he saw the words "7.65 Mauser" stamped, plain as day, on Oswald's Carcano rifle as it was discovered on the TSBD's sixth floor on 11/22/63, was certainly THE biggest and most blatant lie told by anyone connected in any way with the JFK murder case.

But try and get any conspiracist to say a single bad word about Big Fat Liar Roger Craig. Since Craig was on the "conspiracy" side of the equation, naturally all of his many lies are supposed to be ignored altogether--like his doozy about seeing "7.65 Mauser" on Oswald's Carcano (which was proven to be a Carcano via the Alyea film, which is another thing that all CTers will ignore until the cows come home).



Will you please explain then, why officers Weitzman and Boone, who found the rife and stated in their reports later that day that the rifle was a Mauser, aren't Big Fat Liars too?


Boone and Weitzman never claimed to see the words 7.65 MAUSER on any rifle in the Depository. Therefore, they didn't LIE.

They were merely mistaken about the type of rifle that was being hoisted in the air by J.C. Day.

And when we look at the similarities, it's easy to see how such a mistake could easily be made:


Take note of Roger Craig's comments in this article:

Craig claims he had no idea what type of gun was recovered from the boxes on the sixth floor, even though he said he HANDLED the rifle himself (another big fat lie from Craig).

Craig also talks about a Mauser being found on "the roof" of the TSBD (another ridiculous statement).

I guess Craig later decided to add his tall tale about actually seeing the words "7.65 Mauser" stamped on a rifle that was supposedly (per the above article) found ON THE ROOF, and not on the sixth floor at all.

That's the trouble with evolving lies like Roger Craig told. It's hard for the liar to keep all of his lies straight....as we can easily see via that interview with Craig.


Typical Von Peinian BS, all assumption, presumption and no research except what he wants to say to smear someone. This is nothing but a brief extract of an interview. Very little follow-up, if any. So one cannot ask the subject: did they eventually bring down the Mauser from the roof? When exactly did you get there? How long after the original rifle discovery?

DVP does not like it since Bernice just blew up the developing story to discredit Craig, namely that the inscription "7.65 Mauser" did not appear on the Mauser at all. She proves that on the Argentine model it did.

Oh yeah Davy, Bernice photoshopped the interview out of her imagination.


More B.S. from Jimmy D., of course.

After Roger Craig invented his bald-faced lie about seeing "7.65 Mauser" stamped on the rifle, he always maintained that it was stamped on the rifle that Lt. J.C. Day had just lifted out of the boxes on the northwest corner of the sixth floor.

Craig never claimed to see the stamp on a rifle that had later been carried down from the roof.

Craig's 7.65 Mauser lie is exposed in this [1968] article that Bernice Moore linked to earlier [in a post at The Education Forum] (even though Bernice undoubtedly thinks that that article she posted is further proof that Roger D. Craig is the Saint to end all Saints.)

But the clincher is contained in the video below, which proves for all time that Craig's lies evolved over a period of time. In the 1968 article, Roger Craig said this:

QUESTION: "Did you handle that rifle [that was pulled from the boxes on the sixth floor of the TSBD]?"

ROGER CRAIG: "Yes, I did. I couldn't give its name because I don't know foreign rifles."

But in Mark Lane's video from the 1970s, "Two Men In Dallas", Roger Craig specifically says that he saw "7.65 Mauser" stamped on the rifle that had just been lifted from the box stacks on the sixth floor. [See video below.]

The combination of the 1968 Craig interview and the above video clip exposes Roger Craig's "7.65 Mauser" lie like never before.

But I'm sure conspiracy mongers like James DiEugenio and Lee Farley will continue to pat Roger Craig on the back and treat him as a perfectly truthful and upstanding witness when it comes to this 7.65 Mauser B.S. and his tale about the bullet shells being only about three-fourths of an inch to one inch apart and all facing the exact same direction (and who would even want to PLANT shells in such a silly manner anyway?), etc.

Plus, there's also the fact that Roger Craig never said a single word about seeing any rifle with "7.65 Mauser" stamped on it during his testimony in front of the Warren Commission either. Which is, of course, yet another indication that Deputy Sheriff Craig invented his "Mauser" story only after appearing before the Warren Commission.

The word "Mauser" is not mentioned once during Craig's 1964 Warren Commission session, even after David Belin said this to Craig right after Craig told the WC about the discovery of the rifle on the sixth floor:

"Anything else happen up to that time that you haven't related here that you feel might be important?"

Roger Craig's answer to Belin's above question:


In addition, Craig never said a word about seeing the Mauser stamp on the sixth-floor rifle during his 1969 Clay Shaw Trial testimony either. And also contradicting his 1968 interview, Craig never mentions handling the rifle during his testimony at Shaw's New Orleans trial either.

In short -- Anyone who supports Roger Dean Craig is supporting a known liar.

David Von Pein
October 10, 2010