(PART 1216)


It was planned to remove all bullets and identifiable fragments from the wounds before the official autopsy.


But what about the potential bullets and fragments in John Connally's body?

Connally didn't die, and therefore could not be subjected to any kind of "rigged" or phony autopsy (which is what many conspiracy theorists think happened with JFK's autopsy).

So did the plotters of this grandiose "REMOVE ALL BULLETS AND IDENTIFIABLE FRAGMENTS FROM THE WOUNDS BEFORE THE OFFICIAL AUTOPSY" scheme just get lucky when no bullets or large, identifiable fragments were recovered from the wounds of Governor Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas?

Conspiracy theorists sound so silly when they start talking about the physical evidence in the JFK case. And what makes it so incredibly silly, of course, is the fact that none of this stupid crap they think happened with the bullet evidence ever really happened at all. Nor COULD it possibly have happened--unless all of the plotters and conspirators had the same talents and abilities as magician David Copperfield.


Regarding the shells, DVP, there is also testimony in evidence that the shells were bunched together when first discovered.


Oh, I see that the chronic liar named Roger Craig has you hypnotized, eh?

Can't you see the idiocy of Craig's statement about the shells being only about an inch apart and all pointing the same direction?

Who would even WANT to plant shells in such an obvious "THESE SHELLS WERE PLACED HERE, THEY DIDN'T FALL THIS WAY ON THEIR OWN AFTER BEING FIRED FROM RIFLE C2766" fashion?

Just how stupid were those patsy-framers anyway? I'd really like to know.

Let's take a quick "How Stupid Were These Plotters?" inventory:

They supposedly planted a bullet on the WRONG stretcher at Parkland (per some CTers).

They planted shells in the Sniper's Nest in such a manner to make it look like they were placed there by hand (per some CTers).

They wait until Sunday, November 24th to shoot Lee Oswald, so that their "hit man" named Ruby could perform the murder on live television in front of millions of people.

They allow their one and only patsy to wander around on the lower floors of the Book Depository at the exact time they desperately need him upstairs on the sixth floor firing a gun at the President. (This one is momumentally stupid on the part of the unknown and unseen "they".)

They go to the immense trouble of impersonating LHO all over God's Creation PRIOR to November 22, and they take the time to "fake" the backyard photos (and then they get Marina to lie about them by getting her to say for the rest of her life that she, herself, took those pictures of her late husband) -- and yet when Game Day (11/22) rolls around, what do "they" do? --- They start popping away at JFK from several different directions in Dealey Plaza, even though they are supposed to be framing just ONE guy in the TSBD.

These bumbling patsy-framers must have all attended Idiots 'R Us University before commencing their "Let's Frame Oswald" project.


If we are to accept CE399 on face value, then we must also accept other testimony that appears as evidence in the WCR, right?


If it's the testimony of a known liar such as Roger Dean Craig, then no.

As far as the JFK murder case goes, there was no bigger and more blatant PROVABLE liar than Roger D. Craig. No question about that fact. And anyone who places a single ounce of faith in anything that liar says in connection with the JFK assassination is nothing but a fool.

David Von Pein
September 21, 2010