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It's quite possible (or even likely, IMO) that Oswald purchased the money order before he went to work on 3/12/63. The main post office building at 400 N. Ervay Street could possibly have opened at 7:00 or 7:30 AM in 1963.


Quite possible? Likely? Could possibly have opened? .... I'm not looking for opinions.


But instead of always jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon and believing that every document associated with Oswald is fake, you should be looking for some possible "ordinary" way for Oswald to have done the things that the evidence says he did -- such as: buying a money order at the Main Post Office on 3/12/63 and mailing it to Chicago on that same day.

And there ARE ways for those two things to have occurred without the words "fake documents" coming into the discussion. And one of those ways is the one I mentioned earlier -- if the Ervay St. Post Office opened early and thus allowed Oswald to go there prior to going to work at Jaggars. If that is true, then this whole "Oswald Couldn't Have Possibly Bought The Money Order On March 12" theory that CTers have fallen in love with goes sliding right down the drain.

Gil, don't you think it might be a good idea to eliminate the "Post Office Opened Early" theory before you embrace the most extraordinary theory of all, which is the one that has some plotter (or a group of plotters) faking a bunch of documents connected to the rifle purchase?

Other ordinary, non-sinister possibilities have been mentioned by Gary Mack:

"Oswald could have left JCS [Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall] at any time between 8am and 10:30 IF there was no work for him to do. Oswald was given simple tasks as they came in, so if no orders were waiting, all he could do was sit and wait.....and get paid for doing so. I assume he'd have to check with his supervisor about taking a few minutes to go to the post office, but his time card certainly does not confirm that he was on the job every single minute. It merely shows that he was at the office and "on the clock" all day. And maybe, just maybe, he went over there on JCS business? Or perhaps a co-worker — his supervisor? — also needed something from the PO so Oswald went and took advantage of the opportunity? In short, there are many reasons Oswald's PO visit was entirely legitimate." -- Gary Mack; March 12, 2011


"The Ervay PO is the one that was just a few blocks from J-C-S which was located at 522 Browder. According to Google maps, the two are only 8 blocks, or ½ mile, apart. Oswald could have walked or run, or probably ridden the bus, since Ervay was a main north-south street. For that matter, he could have bummed a ride from a co-worker. In short, I don’t see anything that prevents Oswald from getting to the post office, then buying and sending his money order to Klein’s. As to why the envelope is postmarked in a different zone, I have no clue, but there’s no evidence such a practice was out of the ordinary."
-- Gary Mack; March 17, 2011


David Von Pein
January 21, 2012