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There is a serious problem here. You are suggesting that these frames--especially from 225 to 228--demonstrate that Connally has been struck and is reacting to that. I agree something extremely strange is going on -- but what is causing this reaction is very blurred frames being run one after the other. It is the consequence of the blurred frames that suggest Connally is wounded. It is not Connally, because basically in these frames it is impossible to see him clearly or indeed what he is doing.

Now 224 into 225 really did puzzle me. To be fair, I did wonder if indeed we were seeing a reaction by Connally. And the truth is that you are seeing a reaction by John Connally between these two frames. Between 224 and 225 Connally turns around 20 degrees to his left. That is what you are seeing. The change in the left shoulder is not a reaction to the bullet -- it is a movement by Connally to his left and a change in the position of Connally's shoulder. It may look like Connally's left shoulder is flinching, but actually it is being turned to Connally's left as he is turning his body left.

As I pointed out to you in an earlier post--and you did agree with me--between 224 and 230 John Connally is turning his body to his left. What allows you to think that Connally has been injured in these frames is:

a) that 20-degree turn between 224 and 225.

b) the total blurred distortion in frames 226-228.

That is why it is being suggested that Connally has been wounded, when actually Connally is turning to his left.


This is hilarious. And absolutely mind-boggling, to boot. The levels of total denial the CTers will rise to in order to ignore the obvious signs of John Connally being in distress in Z225-Z230.

It couldn't be more obvious that Connally's shoulders are shrugging from a flinch starting at Z225, and yet I'm supposed to believe it only looks that way because JBC is turning to his left. Does EVERY "left turn" made by all limo occupants give the false appearance of "shoulder shrugging", James? Get real.

And I guess you still want to ignore Connally's moving tie, eh? Is his tie bulging outward due to his "left turn" too? And the startled look that we can see on his face starting in Z225 too? And the opening of the mouth? Are none of these things enough to give you pause to even consider the possibility that Connally has just been shot and is reacting to that shot in an involuntary manner starting at Z225?

And then there's the hat flip at Z226 too. Are we really to believe that JBC's arm-raising is also NOT indicative of Connally reacting to a bullet---even when we know JBC was struck by a bullet in that very SAME right arm/wrist that's flipping upward ultra-fast at Z226? You're not going to pass off the hat/arm flip as "video distortion" too, are you Jim?

[End Excerpt.]

Lots more SBT Denial can be found here (and at the link above).


Let's get rid of this SBT once and for all.


The bullet from the upper back wound never left the body of JFK, and so could never have come out of the throat wound. Therefore there was no SBT and the Autopsy Report was phonied up.


How do you "get rid of" something that is so obviously true?

Good luck.


The irony abounds here. They [the conspiracy theorists] argue that Connally can't be seen to be reacting to anything because the frames are "blurred." Blurred or not, it's obvious to an open-minded person that Connally is clearly reacting to something that is causing him great discomfort.

But this same mindset tried to sell us on the "badge man" and the "black dog man" based on shadows and light.


Yeah, Connally reacted? So what? He HEARD a shot and was startled.


And you think ALL of the stuff we see John B. Connally doing between Zapruder Film frames 224 and 230 are the results of him merely HEARING a gunshot (e.g., flinching, mouth opening, lapel bulging, and THE ARM/HAT FLIP), right Tony? (And remember that that arm flip is the SAME arm (wrist) that WAS wounded during the shooting. Just a coincidence, right?)

Thanks, Tony, for again proving my point about CTers exhibiting "The Ultimate In SBT Denial" whenever they view these clips from Abraham Zapruder's home movie....

David Von Pein
July 14-19, 2018