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It's important to note that everyone who has [a] theory about JFK or writes a book about JFK can't always be right. And the government is happy when all these people are writing books, articles, blog posts etc... and they're wrong. Because it makes finding the truth impossible. When I came to this forum, I talked about different stuff. I had just written a book and things were fine.

Recently, I came home from work and my home office was destroyed. No money was taken, no TV's missing, it just looked like a tornado went through there. All the copies of the book I wrote were gone. My laptop was gone. And I realized that somewhere, somehow I made someone mad. I said something the government didn't like.

I had followed the advice of my late father and had two safes. One, a cheap safe that I kept in my office with some money in it, and a few non-important papers. The second, a rock of a safe bolted to the concrete floor of my basement. Whomever came, had no problem getting into the cheap safe. They left the money but took everything else. But they never found the second safe that had everything of importance in my life in it. I'm sure they will be back. I have things they want. But my family and my health is more important.

Of course the police have no leads. There were no fingerprints other than my own on the safe. But I have a dilemma. Keep posting things? Or try my best to just vanish. My advice to everyone here is simple. If you're not being harassed or followed by anyone because of what you say here or on other forums, be happy. You don't have the truth, because if you did, they would get to you as they did to me.


Why on Earth would you post what you just did above about the "second safe" in your basement? You just gave the evil "Government" crooks an invitation and a blueprint to come back and rob you again. Not a very bright idea, Rich. (And I assume you believe that the evil "Government" thieves who robbed you also spend a lot of time on forums like this one, and could easily read the post you just wrote above. Right? Otherwise, how do "they" even know you and your book exist?)

Also --- Do you really think that the "Government" burglars who robbed you were of the opinion that stealing all of your personal copies of your book would somehow eliminate all the OTHER copies of the book that undoubtedly exist (plus the galley proofs at the publishing house [if there is one], plus any "Kindle" e-book versions, etc.)? If not, what were they trying to do? Do you think they were just trying to send you a "message"?


Congratulations, Rich! You've apparently solved the 55-year-long JFK mystery!

So this means that Rich Pope is the only person in the universe who knows
"the truth". And that "truth" prompted the recent and unwelcome visit to his home by "Government" representatives.

That "Pope Solves The JFK Case" story is worthy of a BREAKING NEWS alert on CNN -- which I'll be anxiously awaiting.


When you publish, Rich, you could post the police report on your author page on Amazon, to show you were The Man Who Knew Too Much - But They Couldn't Stop You. Sells copies.


David [Andrews],

I'm not interested in "selling copies". The papers were useless and my laptop was one I only used for gaming (Alienware). Will they be back? Who knows and who cares? I've already removed what's important from my house (concerning JFK) and it's in a very safe place. And I could care less if people think this doesn't make sense. If you're too stupid to figure it out, let me explain it again...

The powers that be don't care about you if what you are writing isn't the truth. So if you're an author, blogger, podcast, professor, etc...and what you are teaching isn't true, the powers that be are not going to show you any interest. You are helping them through your unintended misinformation. And the more misinformation that's out there, the happier they are. You may have what you think are all the pieces of the puzzle in place, however if men wearing black suits aren't knocking on your door, then you've got it wrong.

Forums are fun for discussion, but do you really think anyone from one of the alphabet agencies monitors any of this? There's so much misinformation (unintended falsehoods) and disinformation (purposeful falsehoods) that this is never going to get solved, no matter how many years pass.


It'll never get solved---except by you, right Rich? You're the only one who has hit on "the truth" re: the JFK assassination, correct? Otherwise, the "men wearing black suits" wouldn't have the slightest interest in you or your book. Right?

David Von Pein
April 30—May 1, 2018