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No one argues that the impact of a shot throws people around.


Really Tony? It seems to me that it's a basic tenet of conspiracy hobbyist lore that Kennedy is thrown back by a shot from the knoll.


Yes, Bud. Exactly. Tony just wants to argue (as always).

Marsh's statement that "No one argues that the impact of a shot throws people around" is absurd. Of course people have argued exactly that. And a bunch of people have argued that exact theory, with many conspiracy believers stating that one of the main reasons they believe in a conspiracy in the JFK case (probably the #1 reason) is because of Kennedy's backward movement seen in the Zapruder Film.

But if Tony's right, then it's not really the backward thrust of Kennedy's head and upper body that is leading those CTers to scream "conspiracy". It must be something else. But if that were the case with the "Back And To The Left" conspiracy crowd, then why do those CTers even bother to bring up the "back and to the left" junk to begin with?

If the bullet could have come from ANY direction and still have John F. Kennedy's head go backward, then the movement of JFK's head is not an issue that MUST lead to conspiracy and to multiple gunmen (as so many conspiracy theorists firmly believe is the case).

But, as we all know by now, Anthony Marsh of Massachusetts is merely stretching his "Argue At All Costs" legs once more. He knows full well that hundreds (if not thousands) of conspiracy theorists think that the movement of JFK's head and upper body had to have been caused by a bullet fired from the front.

Heck, just watch any of Cyril Wecht's many interviews over the years, with Wecht (a trained medical professional, no less) actually saying that he believes that the force of the bullet is the cause of the backward movement of the President's body.

Let's watch Mr. Perpetual Argument (Tony Marsh) try and now pretend that even Dr. Wecht has never even insinuated that it was the force of the bullet that is causing President Kennedy's violent backward movement in the Zapruder Film (see the Wecht video below, at the 12:30 mark).

David Von Pein
September 10, 2013