(PART 1251)


There is still no evidence that Oswald fired any shots at JFK.



Do you REALLY think that this laundry list of stuff equals "no evidence that Oswald fired any shots at JFK"?.....

.... OSWALD'S rifle on the sixth floor.

.... Bullet fragments from OSWALD'S rifle in the limousine.

.... Bullet shells from OSWALD'S rifle in the Sniper's Nest.

.... OSWALD'S prints on boxes inside the Sniper's Nest (where we know a sniper was firing at JFK).

.... Fibers matching OSWALD'S shirt stuck to OSWALD'S rifle.

.... An empty paper bag with OSWALD'S prints on it found in the Sniper's Nest (see testimony of Day, Studebaker, and Montgomery, who said they saw the bag in the Nest before it was picked up).

.... Howard Brennan said he saw OSWALD (not someone else) shoot at JFK.

.... OSWALD killed J.D. Tippit.

.... OSWALD lied to the police (and to the press on live TV) about several things after he was arrested. (Does an INNOCENT person really need to tell so many lies? For that matter, does an innocent man have to lie AT ALL?)

And yet, per Ray Mitcham, all of the above adds up to "no evidence that Oswald fired any shots at JFK".

And I didn't even mention CE399, which is (of course) yet another hard piece of evidence against Oswald. (And the chain of possession for CE399 is not nearly as weak as most CTers think it is, as discussed here.)

What kind of upside-down, topsy-turvy world do conspiracy theorists like Ray Mitcham live in anyway? It seems to be a strange world indeed. A world where hard physical evidence is to be tossed to the wind and discarded like a used gum wrapper.

I'm wondering just exactly how much evidence needs to be shoved in a CTer's face in order for them to even begin to CONSIDER the notion that Lee Oswald took his own rifle to work on Nov. 22 and fired some shots at the President from a deserted sixth floor at 12:30 PM that day?

It's truly a shame that the "Anybody But Oswald" crowd seems to be so popular on Internet forums. It could be, I suppose, that some of those CTers grabbed the baton from their mentor, Harold Weisberg:

"I'm inclined to think that Oswald did no shooting at all, and I have no reason to believe that any of the shooting came from the sixth floor. All of the evidence that tends to indicate that is corrupted in one way or another." -- H. Weisberg

It's incredible. All of that evidence treated like nothing more than a few dozen Juicy Fruit wrappers, worthy of only the gutter (according to Mr. Weisberg and Company).

What a shame. And a crock.

David Von Pein
April 12, 2013