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The wind was blowing briskly from the NW toward the SE [in Dallas on 11/22/63], perfectly consistent with the blood cloud (or at least portions thereof) being blown from JFK's head into Hargis and Martin on their cycles.


Sorry, the wind was blowing in the Dallas area at 12:30 pm at 13 knots (15 mph) that day. Not enough force to blow back a sheet of blood, nor pieces of skull. I know when I'm walking in the rain, a 15 mph wind DOESN'T spray me with water! And blood is heavier than water!


Per most conspiracy theorists, JFK's large, gaping exit wound in his head was located at the far right-rear portion of Kennedy's head (and, yes, most of the Parkland witnesses did also claim this as well--I'm not denying that)....but if this is to be believed, then it seems to me the source of that shot couldn't have been the famous "Badge Man" location on the Knoll behind the picket fence.

A shot from the so-called "Badge Man" position would hardly have caused a massive EXIT wound at the RIGHT-REAR of Kennedy's head. Such a BM shot would have probably blown out the LEFT-REAR portion of the head.

And how would Hargis and Martin on their motorcycles get splattered with blood and brain tissue if the wound was located at the RIGHT-REAR of President Kennedy's cranium? Such a blow-out should have showered motorcycle officer James Chaney with blood, instead of Hargis and Martin.

Plus: Where in Dealey Plaza could a gunman have possibly been located to have achieved such a massive RIGHT-REAR exit wound in JFK's head? Logic would dictate that any such exit wound would have been the result of a rifle shot that originated from the area of the Underpass or the south side of Elm Street, not the north side (where the famous "Grassy Knoll" was situated).

Now, yes, CTers can argue the true fact that bullets can change direction after hitting a hard object like a human skull (and I do think Oswald's Carcano bullet did change directions inside Kennedy's head--albeit very slightly--after the bullet entered his head at the rear of the skull).

But keeping in mind the basic common-sense fact that bullets will still (generally) travel in a straight line as they go into and out of an object, and even accounting for a deflection factor of many degrees for the CTers' make-believe bullet that struck JFK in the head from the front, those same theorists are going to have some trouble convincing anyone who has studied such matters in detail that a bullet being fired from the north-side Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza could have possibly blown a huge exit hole in the FAR RIGHT AND REAR portion of John Kennedy's head.

That's taking a "deflected" bullet to absurd extremes of deflection, as Dale Myers amply demonstrates on his website here.

So, overall, things just do not add up for conspiracy theorists who think that JFK was fatally wounded by a bullet that struck him in the head from the front (i.e., from the Knoll on the north side of Elm Street). And they never did add up.

And lately, whenever I get involved in a conversation that includes the location of President Kennedy's largest head (exit) wound, I enjoy propping up the following autopsy X-ray -- because this X-ray (which was declared by the HSCA's photographic panel to be a genuine X-ray of John F. Kennedy's head that "had not been altered in any manner" [7 HSCA 41]) shows some very interesting things. And not a one of them indicates conspiracy.

Question for CTers -- Where's the great-big RIGHT-REAR blow-out in this X-ray pictured below?

Answer -- It ain't there....and it never was:

David Von Pein
May 25, 2008