(PART 232)


>>> "Let's see the ENTIRE [Johnson/Russell] conversation." <<<


Here is the entire phone call between President Lyndon Johnson and Georgia Senator Richard Russell (from November 29, 1963):

Plus: How stupid WAS Lyndon Johnson (according to the conspiracy crowd that wants to paint LBJ as an underhanded, devious plotter and cover-up agent)?

That is to say....Per these kooky conspiracy theorists, Johnson KNOWS full well that some of the things he's going to be saying to Senator Richard Russell in the above telephone conversation are lies or half-truths or things being done by a person (LBJ) who has a willful desire to cover up a bunch of stuff...so what does Johnson do anyway? He decides to TAPE RECORD the phone call.

And then, months later, LBJ decides to RECORD another phone call with Russell (on September 18, 1964), wherein both Russell and Johnson say that each of them doesn't believe that the same bullet that hit JFK went on to hit John Connally (which, in essence, destroys any "lone assassin" conclusion right there).*

* = Although Senator Goofball Russell, who only attended 6 of 94 witness sessions during his time spent on the Warren Commission, was probably so stupid he didn't realize that at the time he was berating the SBT on 9/18/64 he was also, in effect, completely undermining and destroying the entire WC's "lone assassin named Oswald" declaration.

I guess, therefore, the conspiracy theorists who want to have President Johnson involved in some way in an assassination cover up (from the get-go) must also think that LBJ was one stupid SOB too, huh? (Akin to the type of dumbbell burglars who videotape themselves robbing a 7/11.)

Here's the 9/18/64 phone call too (for anyone who is interested):

David Von Pein
May 23, 2008