(PART 230)


>>> "What fingerprint? Oh, you must mean the palm print, the same palm print where Paul Grudie [sic], the funeral home director for Oswald, reported that Federal agents asked to have the preparation room to themselves." <<<


No, I'm talking about more than just one "print", of course, including:

1.) The two prints of Oswald's on the paper bag found in the Sniper's Nest.

2.) The three prints of Oswald's found on two boxes DEEP INSIDE the Sniper's Nest.

3.) And the palmprint lifted off of the rifle on NOVEMBER 22ND by Lt. Carl Day of the DPD.

Plus, there are the prints on the triggerguard of Rifle C2766, which are also almost certainly Oswald's. To believe those prints belong to some "mystery gunman" is just crazy, given the fact we know that the rifle in question was owned by Lee Harvey Oswald and was possessed by Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the assassination.

Plus the fact we have the palmprint too, which, as mentioned, was not lifted off the rifle at some later date by the FBI. It was taken off of that rifle by Lt. Day IN DALLAS, ON NOVEMBER 22, before the gun was ever turned over to the FBI.

>>> "Well, FBI expert Sebastian Latona said that no palm print was on the rifle when he received the rifle, and that he could not find any prints matching Oswald's." <<<

Well, of course there wasn't any palmprint on the barrel of the rifle when Latona examined it....because, as just mentioned, the print WAS REMOVED IN DALLAS by Lt. J.C. Day.

DAVID BELIN -- "Do you know what Commission Exhibit No. 637 is?"

LT. CARL DAY -- "This is the trace of palmprint I lifted off of the barrel of the gun after I had removed the wood."

MR. BELIN -- "Does it have your name on it or your handwriting?"

LT. DAY -- "It has the name "J. C. Day," and also "11/22/63" written on it in my writing off the underside gun barrel near the end of foregrip, C-2766."

>>> "What gun are you talking about? The Mannlicher-Carcano the Italian military experts said last year took nineteen seconds to get off three shots with?" <<<

Good job, Dean. Place your faith in those idiotic Terni, Italy, tests which had some boobs deliberately dragging out the recycling time of the Carcano. They also said that it took them "at least 19 seconds" to get off three shots with a Carcano like Oswald's. So it might be even LONGER than 19 seconds! Ridiculous. A 99-year-old geezer with one arm could recycle that rifle (or ANY bolt-action rifle) faster than that. It's just nuts.

But Jackson likes those Italian MC tests. He thinks they're 100% believable and trustworthy.

Gee, what a surprise.

But a better minimum recycling time is 3.45 seconds. Watch:

>>> "What bullet are you talking about? Oh the "magic bullet" that exited Connolly [sic] in near pristine condition." <<<

Bullet CE399 was positively inside Governor Connally's body on 11/22/63. And, given the fact that CE399 came out of Oswald's rifle (which was a rifle that was being fired from the southeast corner window of the 6th Floor of the TSBD at the time when Connally was being shot by just ONE single bullet on November 22), that bullet had no choice but to have also gone through the body of the man sitting behind Connally at the time JBC was shot.

Very simple math really....unless you reside in Conspiracy Land.

>>> "Or are you referring to Oswald's .38 revolver: FBI ballistics expert Cortlandt Cunningham testified to the Warren Commission that he could not identify the bullets coming from Oswald's revolver..." <<<

Correct. But the bullet SHELLS were conclusively matched to LHO's gun.

Do you think it's just a coincidence that four shells from Oswald's .38 were found within yards of where Tippit was killed WITH SOMEBODY ELSE'S GUN....i.e., not Oswald's revolver?

Can the theorists GET any sillier when they attempt to exonerate Oswald for Tippit's murder too? I ask you.

My answer: No, they cannot get any sillier than this.

>>> "...and no fingerprints were ever found on Oswalds .38
revolver!" <<<

Are you for real?! Oswald had the gun IN HIS HANDS when he was arrested!

WHO CARES if any fingerprints were lifted off the gun or not. We KNOW Lee Harvey was carrying the Tippit murder weapon ON HIM just half-an-hour after Tippit was gunned down....and gunned down by--Voila!--the same gun linked to all four bullet shells littering Tenth Street.

And even if you want to throw out the two "Poe" shells (and you no doubt do)....go ahead....but where does that deletion of 2 shells take you? The other 2 shells are still in evidence and were positively fired in Oswald's revolver. AND THERE WAS JUST ONE GUN USED TO KILL OFFICER TIPPIT.

Hence, Oswald's gun had to be the ONE and ONLY gun used to murder Officer J.D. Tippit.

Simple math like this turns into ultra-complicated higher mathematics if you're a conspiracy theorist like Mr. Dean Jackson.

Go figure.

>>> "Two empty shells were found nearby." <<<

Wrong (again). Four spent bullet cartridge cases (shells) were found, and they were found by THREE different witnesses (Davis, Davis, and Benavides). Were they all "in" on the massive plot to frame sweet Lee? ALL THREE of those Dallas citizens?

>>> "They [the shells] did not come out of the revolver since revolvers do not eject shells, which means someone planted them." <<<

I was wrong...Dean Jackson CAN look even sillier.

Jackson, of course, knows full well that multiple eyewitnesses on 10th Street watched the ONE and ONLY person with a gun (Lee Oswald) dump multiple bullet shell casings out of a REVOLVER at the corner of Tenth and Patton.

And yet Mr. Jackson has the gonads to gush forth this utter lie about the bullet shells found in the Davises' yard:

"They did not come out of the revolver since revolvers do not eject shells, which means someone planted them."

>>> "Von Pein, where did you learn criminal investigative techniques?
At the Inspector Clouseau School of Advanced Investigative Criminology?" <<<

It's quite obvious where you received your Advanced Degree. It came from that famous school for kooks --- "ANYBODY BUT OSWALD UNIVERSITY".

David Von Pein
May 20, 2008